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Kickstartable: Little Moon God

This week’s featured project is Kaitlin Reid’s “Little Moon God” plush. These plush dolls are adorable. Don’t believe me? Check them out!

Kaitlin has reached her initial funding goal, and is now going for a stretch goal that will enable her to also prouduce a second plush.

Tell us a little about your Kickstarter project. What do you hope to accomplish with the funds raised?

My project is for a unique plush called the Little Moon God. I hope to make him, and if we can reach the stretch goal, I’d like to make a little Sun Goddess to go along with him. It’s always been a dream of mine to see a plush toy I designed come to life.

What was the most challenging part of getting your Kickstarter presentation together?

The math! So much planning and replanning of reward tiers, shipping, taxes and fees. A few times I wanted to quit because it was pretty overwhelming, but I’m so glad I didn’t!

What has been the most pleasantly surprising thing since your project has been live?

The amazing response the plush has been receiving. I am so humbled, and happy, that people are taking such an interest in my work. It’s insanely grafitfying and reaffirming in my direction as an artist.

What’s your project’s biggest selling point?

I believe the character itself! I paid a lot of attention to detail in all his features, and his colors and fabric choices really make him a plush worth having. I think he’s a unique design that you cant’ find anywhere else right now.

I agree with Kaitlin – my daughter is a stuffie aficionado and I’ve not seen the likes of the Little Moon God. Little Moon God is open for funding through July 24, 2013.

Disclaimer: Please do not take this review or my personal endorsement of this project as investment advice. I am a lady blogger on the Internet, not an investment adviser, nor am I an angel investor myself.

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