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LTP: Favorite Hate Watch

Everyone has a show that they watch, even though they’re not quite sure why they stick around. For me, that’s True Blood.

True Blood consistently disappoints me, but that’s why I keep watching. I go in every week thinking, “How are they gonna mess everything up this time?” (Luckily, Slay Belle is keeping track of that.) Sookie hasn’t really grown as a protagonist should, and there are now so many additional characters and subplots, it’s tedious to keep track of them all. Most people are just watching for Eric (or Alcide) to take off his clothes, for Lafayette to say something hilarious, and for Pam to be scathingly bitchy. I’ll be honest, though, even though I watch every second of every episode, on time, I’m hating myself the entire time.

What about you? Any other shows you should’ve abandoned a long time ago, but have now started hate watching?

By Karishma

Karishma is a twenty-something living in New York City and is trying her hardest to live out every cliche about Millennials. This involves eating her feelings, drowning in debt and mocking infomercials. She likes sociology so much that she has two degrees in it, and is still warding off her parents' questions about a real career.

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This is a little embarrassing, but I watched the first six or so seasons of Army Wives. The writing can be terrible, it’s full of right wing family values, and it can easily slip from heartwarming family drama to straight soap opera, but I never missed it.

All my favorite “wives” have left the show now, and when the last one left, I was able to cleanly cut ties and get my Sunday nights open for other TV shows.

In my defense, the first season and a half was really good.

I like hatewatching really stupid movies. Last time, it was Snow White and the Huntsman with my sister and a few glasses of wine, and we were laughing and basically riffing it, it was so bad. We even had names for all of the dwarfs that included Gingey, Mr. T, Pimpy, and Blingbling. And the rather convenient way in which the Huntsman tore the skirt off of Snow White’s raggedy dress to reveal a bodice and leather hose was a little much. And she also made the Last Unicorn drown in a bog. :(

That movie should be banned for cruelty to unicorns.

IDK. Apparently there is going to be a sequel? All I know is that it was a really messed up movie.

The thing, though, is that they featured a white deer/stag, which means something magical in Celtic/medieval/Arthurian myth. Maybe it was a Pokémon “I choose you” moment on the part of the forest god?

I hate to admit this, but Glee. So many things are hokey or not even remotely possible (like Rachel getting into NYADA when she’s only ever done school things-seriously she shouldn’t have even got a live audition! And why the heck was the audition at the school! and the drinking episode-don’t even get me started! and the teacher playing Rocky, particularly with a student as Janet!)

*deep breath*

Anyway, so much crap, but every time I’m about to stop watching, they manage to put on a really good episode

Although I THINK we stopped watching Nip/Tuck before it officially went off the air, but I could be wrong. I just don’t understand why they never invested in a decent security system…

You know how good medical shows hire doctors as advisors? I feel like Glee should have done that with musicians. And it’s not the freshmaniness of Rachel that bothers me as much as the complete and utter lack of experience. I mean, I know that SOMETIMES people get really good parts right off the proverbial bus, but one assumes that they’ve at least been active in their regional theater scene prior to heading to NYC. Rachel clearly was not active, if she had been, she would have known at least some of those other kids in the NYADA audition club.

And on a side note, how could she and Kurt not know that Juilliard didn’t have a musical theater program? It’s called the internet and looking up audition requirements.

I must say that I really loved the part where the piano player got fired and he noted how annoying it was that he was just expected to know what song the kids were going to sing without being told!

This show has taught me how doctors and lawyers must feel when watching doctor and lawyer shows :)

GLEE. God, I hate it so much, but I keep watching to make sure Santana’s ok. Thinking that one day Rachel will fail or someone will be without a romantic interest for more than a minute keeps me going. Like Sheena, the Rachel/teacher thing about how she was just jeaalouuuuus of Rachel’s TALENT and DESTINED FOR STARDOM-ness (words are failing me as I Glee-rage) drove me crazy. I swore up and down that I was quitting after season…3? when Finn dumped Rachel WHEN SHE THOUGHT THEY WERE DRIVING TO THEIR WEDDING (aaaaaargh) but I came crawling back, and probably always will.

I kind of liked how the meen, meen teacher was the sole opposing voice to Rachel’s journey as an ingenue in the Big City. Because Rachel has always been about how much better she is than ANYONE, and she needed the reality check. But she just had a month of realizing her boyfriend was paying for school with prostitution, and a pregnancy scare, and some crankiness from Kurt (and Santana) about her attitude. And then she STILL GETS EVERYTHING SHE WANTS.
And then, the New Kids…I can’t even remember their names half the time, and they’re precious but not particularly interesting.

Santana remains interesting and entertaining, but that’s basically it. And the musical numbers have just become annoying.

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