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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Celebrities Most People Hate

This past week has been a good time for two of my favorite celebrities, James Franco and Kanye West. That’s right, I said my favorite. There is something adorably smug about both of them. James’s new movie This is the End came out and took second place at the box office behind Man of Steel. All Kanye did was watch his girlfriend give birth to their first child and then release his new amazing album Yeezus.

James Franco hooked me in with Pineapple Express and Milk and since then, I have followed his weird career pretty intensely. He rubs a lot of people the wrong way and I can see that but there is something to be said for someone making a dildo mask for an art show. To me, it’s funny and weird and Andy Kaufman-esque.

Kanye, on the other hand, hooked me with probably his least liked album, 808s and Heartbreaks, because in a lot of the songs he had sincerity and feeling. I had, of course, liked Kanye before when songs like “Golddigger” and “Jesus Walks” came out. I was even aware of him when he was just a producer due to my phase of only listening to Jay-Z, Talib Kwelli, Mos Def, and the Roots. Kanye has two personalities it seems, but the one who wrote songs like “Heartless” and “Lost in the World” lends some cred to being really powerful and heartfelt.

So Unicorns, what celebrities do you like who most people cannot stand? Are you Snookie fans out there? Maybe fans of Kanye’s squeeze Kim K? I know someone out there likes the Real Housewives franchise. Defend yourself in the comments!

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I have SO many. I actually have always found Snooki (and Jwoww) endearing, though I don’t really watch Jersey Shore much or follow them. I still think Anne Hathaway is awesome and don’t understand why people hate on her so much.

But my biggest is Ke$ha. I think Ke$ha is an f-ing national treasure. I love her so much. I own her autobiography, I watched (some) of the documentary about her on MTV (till I had a DVR fail), and will probably buy that someday, and I think she’s hilarious and talented and gorgeous and amazing.

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