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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Character Class

Is “sexy lady” a character class?

For most of my life, I preferred puzzle games. I’m awesome at Tetris Attack. I can defeat anyone on super-duper-extra-mega-nightmare-difficult. Yes, I can. With puzzle games, one does not have to worry about characters or abilities.

When I started playing RPG-style games (Baldur’s Gate was my first), I always opted for the sexiest female character possible, because it amused me. A decade later, it’s not so amusing to see female characters regulated to “sexy.” Luckily, more and more games allow the user to choose sex, gender, race, class, and so forth.

I like dual wielding rogues. I can unlock chests, hack-and-slash as I feel like it, and use ranged attacks. I can spend an hour on the character creator, create a pretty lady, and then slather her in heavy armor. Love it.

What is your favorite character type? Or do you prefer games that don’t really have characters, like puzzle or racing games?

By Natasha

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