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Lunchtime Poll: Rust Buckets

July 4th is approaching, and with it the yearly camping trip with my in-laws. I’m facing it with trepidation, not because of the in-laws, but because of the curse.

Every year without fail my van in some way breaks down during these camping trips. Last year we had almost made it to the movie theater before my alternator belt broke, though fortunately this happened right in front of a Firestone. The year before that, my van broke down as we were crossing the bridge to the beach. The year before that it broke down at the campsite.

What are some of your old rust bucket horror stories?

By Bipolar Gurl

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My first car was a 64 Corvair Coupe. I loved it to itty bitty pieces, but my friends were convinced it was a death trap. It liked to do alarming but harmless things when they were riding with me. My favorite was when I turned on the heater and bits of black foam came blowing out of the vents.

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