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Lunchtime Poll: Surprise Favorite Movie Genre

Summer always brings some great movies and a lot of them are big blow up your face type action movies. I am not always an action girl but there is a particular type of action film people are surprised I love. I love Tokusatsu films, specifically the subgenres of Kaiju and giant robots. I grew up watching the Sci-Fi channel and late night TV on USA and TNT. They showed boatloads of Godzilla and Ultraman films. Ultraman is by far my favorite of any subgenre of Tokusatsu. I think my love for Ultraman spurred me to sit through three seasons of Power Rangers. People always seem shocked that I love Giant Superheros fighting Robots and Space Aliens? I have no idea why! The best part is this summer is bringing a Giant Robot fighting Kaiju film, Pacific Rim. I am so excited for it, I can barely contain my elation. I mean it helps that it has Stringer Bell, Jax, and Charlie in it and is directed by Guillermo del Toro.

So Persephoneers, what movie genre would your friends be surprised to learn you love? Do you love westerns? French horror films? Russian Rom-coms? Or do you share my love of Kaiju films?

By Alyson

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I am SO amped for Pacific Rim because I am huge Guillermo del Toro fan. I smiled at a billboard outside of Penn Station because I was hypnotized by the amazingness. To repeat, I almost got trampled during rush hour outside of Penn Station because of a billboard of a robot.

I don’t know if my friends would be hugely surprised by any of my favorites, because I am a vocal geek, but I do remember there bing a few raised eyebrows when the True Grit remake came out and I told people that the original was one of my favorite films. I love Westerns a lot. And by proxy I have found that I also love Samurai films. I can happily watch A Fist Full of Dollars and Yojimbo back to back.

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