Sponsored: Gifts for Dads

Skip the ties and aftershave this year, and find something new and fun to remind your dad how awesome he is.

For Playful  Dads

If Dad still hasn’t recovered from last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, let him work through his angst with these adorable vinyl action figures, from Think Geek. $9.99 each.

Cast of HBO's Game of Thrones, in tiny vinyl action figure form.
Needs more Joffrey.

For Feminist Dads

Your dad is probably already in CBS’s demographic, at least chronologically, why not expose him to some of the great women characters on the network? Try one of these feminist-minded series, cleverly designed as cop and lawyer shows.

For Practical Dads

Some dads, including mine, prefer a more down-to-earth gift. The practical dad isn’t looking for flash, he’s looking for sensible gifts he can use every day. Nothing says practical, as well as “I care about your teeth,” like an electric toothbrush. Target is offering $25 off in-store and online on these sporty little numbers.

Boxed OralB brand electric toothbrushes

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