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Strip Search: Finale

For the final episode, Maki, Abby, and Katie hand in their six strips, T-shirt designs, and three character bios. Some go a bit further.

Maki hands over a stack of portfolios

Katie' hands over her artwork

Abby hands over her portfolio

Last Halloween: Abby’s strip is a graphic novel that she is planning. Her samples come from somewhere in the middle of the story, so even Mike seemed a bit lost. There is lots of gore. Her art work is well drawn, but not for me. I am not one for dark and gruesome.

Last Halloween T-shirt, front and back
Last Halloween T-shirt design

Camp Wedontwantcha: Katie’s art is colored, drawn well, and has a story line that could go for a long time. It is a story about a camp where unwanted children are abandoned and survive on their own without any adults. Again, I may not like this just because of the story. I work in early childhood education. This strip goes against what I believe. Yet unlike Abby’s, there is some humor that clearly comes through.

Camp Weedonwantcha T-shirt logo
Camp Weedonwantcha T-shirt design

Sufficiently Remarkable: Maki’s story follows several single people through their daily life in dating and friendships. I found his story more appealing and funny than the others. I also thought it had great potential. The characters were well developed. I liked his art work best and really thought Maki would win. Plus did you see the pile of stuff handed to Mike and Jerry for judging?

Sufficiently Remarkable t-shirt and mockup of model wearing it
Sufficiently Remarkable T-shirt design

But like many reality shows, the artists are thrown one more challenge. All three must draw three more strips for their comic in four hours.


First five frames of Katie's challenge strip

Last two frames of Katie's challenge strip


First five frames of Abby's final challenge strip

Last 5 frames of Abby's finale challenge strip


First three frames of Maki's challenge strip

Last five frames of Maki's challenge strip

During the final judging, Mike and Jerry debate between Katie and Abby, and never discuss Maki. This is a dead giveaway that Maki will not win.

The winner is Katie.

There is some great news fromĀ Maki! He will continue to make his strip, for which I am glad. He has put too much into this to not produce it.

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