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Strip Search: Kick in the Pants

Well, cats and kittens, we have our final three and move on to the finale. There have been some surprises, shockers, and some expected turns. But I love the fact this show is not on television and is true to the creators’ design–so fun! As noted before, they totally make fun of those other shows.

Maki returns to the house, proving that he can win. Abby and Katie wait anxiously for the winner’s entrance. Abby rationalized that she could take Lexxy but Maki would be tough. Katie wanted Maki to win because he was the first person to be kind to her.

Abby, Maki, and Katie

Mike and Jerry enter to present the last challenge as soon as Maki returned to the house. All the artists are sent home for two months. Immediately I think, “Project Runway.” As Katie heads upstairs to pack, she echoes my exact words: “This is just like Project Runway!” Ha, did I call it or what?

The artists head home to create six strips, three characters, and a T-shirt design. Both Maki and Katie call this the “kick in the pants” that they need to get going–to finish the dream they have. Can I have the kick in the pants? I have a children’s book, a blanket, a painting, and a novel that I need to finish. I always figured they sit in the uncompleted state because I am lazy. But I was wrong, I just need a kick in the pants! I need the reason to finish, the outside motivation.

Just like Project Runway, we get a sneak peek while Maki, Abby, and Katie are home.

A pinboard of comics
Maki’s Fret Board: “I put it up and fret about it”
Sketched-out storyboard
Abby’s storyboard
Hands flipping through a sketchbook
Katie’s sketch book

Upon returning, the show ends. I think this was the shortest episode ever, only 15 minutes. Dang! We don’t get to see more. We do get a teaser for the two-episode finale airing this Friday, June 14th and Tuesday, June 18th.

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