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Strip Search: The Right Approach Wins

The Challenge: Oh my goodness, did anyone else yell, “Where are you going?” The teams were pre-decided. Katie and Abby were paired up and Maki and Lexxy were a team. Each team had to find Seattle landmarks and sketch them. Abby and Katie mapped out their route before starting – see where this is going?

Lexxy and Maki just started running. They had no plan, they didn’t look at the map first, and they wasted a TON of time and ran a lot more than needed. Again, “Where are you going???”

Map of part of Seattle
Scavenger Hunt in Seattle

Katie and Abby won a dinner with Jerry and Mike later that night.

The final four then head to Penny Arcade for Contract bootcamp.

The Seattle Sonics had a player who couldn’t read, and signed contracts based on what “friends” told him was good. You can guess where he ended up. Jerry and Mike at one point signed away the rights to Penny Arcade because they weren’t able to decipher the minutia in a contract. So to prove their point –

A contestant negotiates a contract.
Oh, I would never do anything to hurt you.

Contractual Obligations:

I loved this challenge for the fact that it had far reaching benefits. Maki and Lexxy approached it detail by detail. Katie and Abby tried to make it fit them. During the challenge, I kept thinking someone needs to say, “If this contract is what you are offering, apparently you are not a business I want to work with.” No one did. After the interviews, Robert pointed out that contract was so bad that if it got out, it would cause problems for the person who wrote it. Duh!

Once again, Katie won the house challenge. Oh man. This girl kicks butt. She chose to send Lexxy and Maki to elimination. I almost want to see her lose so someone else to choose the elimination pair, but at this point, she needs to just keep winning.


Maki pulls religion from the basket, Lexxy picks “the city.” Instantly, I started sputtering and spewing my drink…what the heck? How is that suppose to work? Maki used his redraw ticket and traded “the city” for “candy.” Phew.

Maki went down the obvious joke about religion, and it was kind of funny.

Lexxy went with a crusader theme and totally left out the joke. Perhaps if the Templars got stuck on lollipops as they led the charge that would have been funny. I also thought that the weapons could have been lollipops and get stuck on the opponents heads. We always have great ideas after the fact, right?

Comic strip: Jesus pops out of a bowl of Jeezy Chreezies cereal and yells, "Whooo! Hey sinners! Who wants a hot, hot rapturin'?"
Maki’s strip

Comic strip: The Lollypop Guild goes on crusade, panels 1 & 2

Comic strip: The Lollypop Guild goes on crusade, panels 3 & 4

Comic strip: The Lollypop Guild goes on crusade, panel 5
Lexxy’s strip

Neither strip was laugh out loud funny, and I think Jerry and Mike were a bit disappointed. At the end, they went with Maki because he was funny.

The judges destroy Lexxy's strip
Lexxy’s strip gets cut

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