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Being pregnant at my age, a couple years from 40, was not my plan. When I was young and idealistic, I mapped out my life. I wanted a degree, husband, and children, a girl and a boy, all before 30. Umm…my life didn’t read the plan.

I was married and degreed by age 23. But I had my first child just before 30 and my second at 35. My career is just now getting underway and shock of all shocks, we are pregnant again.

People have been asking me, “Aren’t you excited?” No. No, I’m really not. I am not apathetic, but excited isn’t for me. Pregnancy is tough. I am not one of those adorable woman that can keep up normal life and appear like everything is perfect. I get sick. I puke. I am tired. I get put on bed rest for a month or two. In general, I am one miserable woman.

I was thrilled, excited, and everything that is to be expected with my last two pregnancies. Now I am not sure I can generate that level of enthusiasm. I am not complaining about this child. It’s just that there are times that I really think I am too old for this.

But I have learned a couple of tricks to deal with my night sickness. Yep, I don’t get it in the morning I get all evening–this time.

Eat Chips: Just plain original Lays. Yes they are high in fat, grease, and salt. You can probably use any type of chip, but I find the basic salty crunch is the best way to pull me from the edge. When I was a kid, I remember pregnant women were always shown eating saltines. Maybe salt has something to do with it?

Drink Lemonade: There is something about the sour that helps with nausea. I make my own and cut down the sugar. Store bought is way too sweet, and if you are prone to gestational diabetes like me, cutting the sugar is a must. The lemonade helps. I discovered this trick with my second pregnancy, when I was sick all day long.

Eat Protein: Eat lots of protein. Some things like eggs may sound disgusting (they did during my first pregnancy). I generally keeps a Costco size container of cashews in the house. They pack a double whammy–salt and protein.

What have you found that works for you?

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Cashews or plain almonds work for me! Last time, salted cashews– this time, plain.

Salt and vinegar chips!

I couldn’t hack lemonade, because I have jump-up-your-throat heartburn 24/7, but Sour Patch Kids and the salt and vinegar chips do the sour-fixes-it thing you’re describing. I was given some pregnant lady sour candy treats (some with vitamin B), and they worked okay but I wasn’t about to buy some more on my own. Ooh, and first trimester when the nausea was worst, I would do little Bio Salud yogurt drink thingies.

Lentil soup or veggie soup with lots of beans.

I don’t get sick-sick at night, but I get these weird 10 pm feelings that I’m slowly starving to death, so I usually eat a coffee cup full of Special K Red Berries (it’s very specific, I dunno). I also have a first-trimester water aversion– just the smell makes me want to never drink ever again.

With my first, nothing much worked. With the second, I ate everytime I felt sick, and that helped. Just eat, eat, eat. I didn’t gain as much weight, funnily enough, because I craved healthier stuff. Salt is definitely good.

Also, I hear you about the excitement and enthusiasm. My second was planned, but it never felt as exciting as the first time. I felt vaguely guilty for not connecting to the baby before the birth, but in the end I just accepted it (I also worried more about health etc.), and as soon as he was born, it was love. Good luck with it all!

This is sort of how things were for me. Miserable first time round when little helped but better the second time when eating little and (very) often helped immensely. Also: flavoured water was wonderful. Interestingly, first time I gained a lot of weight, second time, not so much.

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