This News is Trollin’

Do you ever feel like the world is just trolling you?

For example, we lost one of the greatest living American actors, James Gandolfini, on Thursday. Who else can be so sweet and terrifying at the same time? New York Times

SCOTUS made three decisions on Thursday, none of which had to do with gay marriage. They’re really trolling us now. SCOTUSblog

Senators are making immigration reform deals, but not actually passing immigration reform. LATimes

Exodus, a church started to “cure” homosexuality, has closed its doors because they’ve realized that being terrible to other people because of who they love isn’t really all that Christian. No word on if they’re actually okay with being gay. LATimes 

The Afghan government might engage in peace talks with the Taliban. Emphasis on “might.” The Taliban was also a bit of a troll when it opened an office that looked a bit too much like an embassy. Al Jazeera 

So what’s the theme of the week? Oh, yeah:

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Exodus closing down is a very, very big deal in the evangelical world and that section of the blogosphere is blowing up at the moment. Alan Chambers issued an apology for all the hurt the organization has caused, but still basically said homosexuality is a sin. So, many LGBT Christians thinks it’s a good first step, but from comments I’ve read, many are like, “Thanks, but it’s not enough.” There’s still a loooong way to go.

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