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This Open Thread Is Getting There

It might be a mad week ahead (22 kids + party in the park = hell), but it’s the last one before our holidays. Yes! They’re coming!

What awaits you at the end of this week? And how likely are you to get there in one piece?

By Karo

Schnazzy East German translator and cricket obsessive residing in England. I have other qualities, too.

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My busy day is actually going to be Monday because I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, and then one gig after another (Ivan and Alyosha, Slaughter Daughters, The Helligans) that night. So I imagine that the weekend will be spent resting up for that.

Week’s off to a good start – I literally just broke my housemate’s 5 day old sewing machine. I have no idea how it happened – I finished sewing up skirt panels, went to iron them, realised I may as well quickly sew the waistband together and iron that at the same time, sat to sew the waistband and it just … won’t sew. The bottom thread doesn’t seem to be catching and I don’t know why. I’m so angry at myself but I don’t even know what I should be angry FOR. She’s going to take it in to the store and have it looked at tomorrow, but aaargh I can’t believe this happened. We’re making costumes for a medieval fair next weekend, and at least she finished hers so it won’t prevent her from going, but mine is barely started and I’m scared she might (understandably) be a bit leery of letting me use it again.

On a better note, I forgot to submit an application for a grad position that was due yesterday, but they emailed me today and said they’d extended the deadline until tomorrow. So, maybe they didn’t get as many applicants as they wanted and I might have a half-decent shot!

Sorry, I know this is super late, but did you check the bobbin thread? It sounds like it maybe isn’t catching and may have ran out. The bobbin thread can also get tangled in the bottom chamber, though it shouldn’t be doing that regularly. The other thing I would do, is if you can afford, pay for her sewing machine repair. At least where I am from, sewing machine repair shops are pretty rare and thus repairs are slightly expensive.

I pulled the bobbin out, it seems to have enough thread left but it’s definitely not catching somehow, I left the case open and tried to wind the side wheel to pick up the bobbin thread and it just… didn’t pick up. Eventually it did but still didn’t work, and the bottom thread just caught in a big loopy mess on the first stitch? :/ It kind of seems like it’s getting stuck somehow just underneath where the needle strikes, but I don’t know enough about sewing machines to risk having a proper fiddle/would hate to break it further, hah.

It’s under warranty, so we’re going to attempt to take it back tomorrow now (had a meeting run late today) and have someone look at it. If it’s actually broken I’ll definitely pay for it though. I just wish I knew what happened, mostly so I know not to do it again, hah. Ah well. She’s not mad, so that’s something. :P

Job search season has begun and one of my references has apparently flaked out (but she’s also really bad at replying to e-mails, so who really knows). Most applications in my area require a certain number of letters and confidential forms, so I really need to dig up another reference without making it seem like they’re my 4th choice. Plus, I’m working as a sub, so being at different sites each day makes it kind of hard to form the kind of relationships that lead to good references. And last season, I’m fairly sure one of my references was less than wonderful, so in addition to the normal stress of job searching, I’m uber-paranoid about having decent references. Mental energy has NOT been positive lately and I think husband kinda takes it personally (even if he tries not to).

And I dropped my phone on a concrete floor and the floor won.

Sooooo, friends of the roommate have an apartment downtown and they invited us to the fireworks. Roommate wanted to go, so we went. Roommate is a combat vet, but said that as long as he knew when the explosions are coming it’s ok. So then after an few minutes we are getting shoved and people are running and screaming. We stayed, but roommate was flinching at every bang. I could barely watch the fireworks because I was trying to find out what happened, and I still don’t know. And I’m not going to sleep well tonight is what I guess I’m saying.

So everything I could find says that this was panic likely caused by people confusing the sound of the fireworks echoing off buildings with a separate explosion. Told my boss I will be late for work because my brain is a bag of cats right now except I may have called anxiety brain a migraine. Made the mistake of reading the comments section, thinking that there might be some firsthand accounts that gave a better picture. Nope, but I did get treated to “Come to Windsor where the animals aren’t” Fuck Everything.

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