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This Open Thread is Manamana

Kittens, it has come to my attention that we need to vote on a very important issue that will define most of our interactions here at Persephone.

I need to know which “Manamana” camp you reside in. Old school or new school? Pink whatsadoos or pig-tailed lasses? We won’t come to blows, I promise, but this is a matter of dire importance. Consider it the must-do of your Tuesday evening.

Old School?

Or New School?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

8 replies on “This Open Thread is Manamana”

I had no idea this little ditty had such a history…I was definitely new school because it’s the only one I’ve ever known (do do do dodododododo) but I like the performances on old school better (I just can’t get past the dee do dee do deal).

Whhhaaaaaaaattt?? This is the greatest and best information I have heard today. Although part of me really hopes that this song had presence before the 1968 porno, otherwise that means that Jim Henson watched Swedish porn … and then appropriated the music for kids.

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