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This Weekend Open Thread is Busting a Move

Today I was waiting for the train listening to my summer Spotify playlist – which is a mix of pop, punk, ska, and ’90s stuff – when the Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life” came on, followed by Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love.” So you bet your sweet bippy I was dancing pretty shamelessly on the subway platform. I regret nothing.

Happy weekend!

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Someone on my Facebook feed put up a terrible article from or some similar place about how Gardasil kills people (!) so I commented, politely, to the contrary.

She then sent me a message telling me not to comment on her posts because I disagreed with her. Is it me, or is that just… a bit rude? Do you post things on Facebook and expect people not to comment?

(I’m also annoyed at how annoyed I am about this. Sigh.)

I’m glad I took the moral high ground when she signed off her message with (paraphrasing) “I hope your children don’t die when you vaccinate them”… I was so tempted to respond “I hope your daughter doesn’t die of measles!”. Self-restraint, it’s a virtue :)

(I don’t have children, but if I do I’ll be vaccinating them against whatever I can)

I have a lot of anti-vax facebook friends (I dabbled in fundamentalist Christianity in my youth and I am generally pretty granola/have hippy friends) and I’ve hidden them from my feed for exactly this reason. My Mom has an autoimmune disease (type 1 diabetes) and thus is at an increased risk if there is ever an outbreak. I get the flu shot every year even though I react pretty poorly to it (five days of fever etc) because it keeps my Mom safe. The fact that people would be so selfish with both the lives of their children and public health in general absolutely outrages me. My ears are burning on your behalf right now.

Is everyone outside??

I spent yesterday doing the clothes shopping thing. Goodwill had no clothes or shoes for me (but I spent $5 on 7 books that I’d previously owned, given away before moving, and assumed I’d get around to re-purchasing), various specialty stores had skinny-butt sizes and huge prices, and Target had what I needed — sneakers, two pair of shorts, one of capris (meh, capris, but better than full-length jeans when we’ve already passed 90 a few times), and ice cream. And today is laundry, Netflix, and stir-fry-veggie-prep (i.e., opening cans of veggies that are good for stir-fry, sorting them into containers, freezing them so I can have convenient servings for stir-fry) making a new batch of Bean Concoction.

For the curious, Bean Concoction:
A variety of beans (I managed to stock up on about 20 pounds of dried beans, so I’ve made my own mix)
Canned veggies (I use green beans, diced tomato, corn, and carrots)
Whatever spices you like

Process: If beans are dry, soak them.
Mix beans and veggies in a huge pot.
Add some water and spices of choice. Not enough water for soup (unless you want to make soup), but enough to keep the beans and veggies from scorching.
Simmer for an hour or two. Stir when you need to. Watch things on Netflix.
Divide Concoction into portions (whatever container you want to use; I’ve been using zipper bags because they don’t take up tons of space). I’ve been doing two cups per portion.
Put the portions in the freezer until the night before you’re going to eat them.
Re-heat them, either alone or with rice/pasta.
Plate. Fork. Face.

Thanks! I’m not entirely sure what happened still, but she was at least able to text me this morning. Still in ICU and requiring lots of blood transfusions, but able to communicate. So yay. :)

Also, this entire thing has been a complete social media disaster. I hate FB more than ever right now.

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