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This Weekend Open Thread is Looking for Something to Do

Help me make a list.

I withdrew from my summer class, and in order to fill time I’m trying to make a list of all the things I want to do with the free time I have. A lot of the things will probably be New York specific – like go see the Unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters – but there are probably plenty of things that are universal as well. So, got any ideas? What would you do if you had lots of time to kill?

By [E] Liza

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Picnic? I love a good picnic.

Wandering with a camera. Wandering alone or as part of a duo/gang in parts of the city you’ve not visited before, or where only ‘tourists’ go, is a great way to see things from a new angle. I rarely look at my photos again, but I love the act of creating something, and forcing myself to look at it in an alternate way.

Real question: are bikini bottoms SUPPOSED to let half of your ass hang out?

I haven’t owned a bathing suit in at least 5 years and I’m being forced into a beach day in August. I’m looking at swimwear bottoms right now–already found a top that I think will work–but I have a pretty generous booty and everything that is in my price range looks like it’s not going to be able to contain everything.

Boo to beach days.

Oh my god. I’d seen the unfuck your habitat articles here but had obviously never followed the links. That’s better than porn, seeing the before and after pictures. No questions, but now I’m feeling inspired to go and attack the bathroom.

I don’t have a tumblr, but wanted to let you know that I use the 45/15 to tackle my marking. I’ve been doing both marking and a bit of unfucking my habitat this long weekend (Queen’s Birthday). The place is still looking a mess, but it has some hope!

It’s been so long I’ve had that much free time…. My list (assuming I lived in the city) would be something like, read a good book over a good cup of tea (or coffee) and a delicious breakfast out; take a long walk in Central Park and visit the zoo; go to a museum or gallery and look at all the pretty things; maybe find a way to get out of the city for a day, go to the beach….

If I had free time here (where I live now), I’d go for a lovely long run; take the canoe out with Boyfriend to a nearby lake with some packed snacks and beer; read in the coffee shop across the street over tea and breakfast…

Yeah… instead I’ll be working tomorrow all day. But Sunday I’ll be running a race in the morning and luxuriating in the early summer warmth and my garden the rest of the day!

Boring suggestion: I just discovered the glory that is Netflix a week ago, when the fiance wanted to watch new Arrested Development. Every day since then we’ve discovered something new and awesome to watch on there! Streaming video ftw.

In life news, I finally finally got my contract for next year, and surprisingly I’m being offered a PERMANENT contract! Ummm unexpected. I was filling a medical leave this year who resigned and I expected to be offered a one-year probationary deal before a permanent offer. What a bonus!

i always sleep first. then i buy books that i know i ignored in the midst of craziness and trauma. then i try to reconnect to old friends and students on Facebook. I buy an inspiring magazine if i go out of town because I NEVER buy magazines for glamour or celebrities since I usually feel sorry for those who must never be separated from their mirrors.

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