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This Weekend Open Thread Says Happy Pride

It’s LGBTQ Pride weekend in New York and a few other cities. Unfortunately, I can’t go to the parade because I’ll be at work, but I’m rocking some rainbow nail polish in support. It’s probably going to be an especially great party this year following the DOMA decision. Two years ago, Pride was right after marriage equality was legalized in New York state. Let’s hope by next June we’ll have taken even more steps forward.

Have a great weekend, and if you’re heading to any events, stay hydrated and safe.

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It was Pride in Dublin and London – I couldn’t go to either, but love this tweet from Dublin:

“an older man (80+) came up to me on Bolton St and said – “fair play, I hope yiz get yizzer rights. about f*ckin time”. Happy #dublinpride.”

Since Edmonton’s Pride was a few weeks ago I found myself initially taken aback by all the posts from my friends at Toronto’s events. Like ‘didn’t this already happen?’

I spent my Saturday lazing and then at the grad ceremony for the school where I work. Next week I’m finishing the paperwork I should have had done ages ago, and repainting my office!


Orlando Pride was back in May, but I hope all of you have fun if you’re going to the festivities.

I’m so happy about DOMA. I talked to one of my best friends whose still in Korea and he’s English and his boyfriend is American. They’re beginning to discuss long term plans and this could mean that the U.S. is on the table for them if they so choose and afgkgjdfkhg! Also, England could be a choice too because I think the government is close to legalizing civil unions if not full blown marriage (with an exemption for the Church of England because a church formed so a king could get a divorce totally deserves that.)

I just finished a week of hospital orientation. Monday thru Friday. 8am to 4:30pm. And yeah, HOW DO YOU NORMAL PEOPLE DO IT? It was awful. I am not meant to sit for 8 hours. I’m not meant to work five days a week. I am not meant to commute at god awful times. I’ll take my weird ass hours back and my 12 hours shifts, thanks.

Seriously, you guys are awesome because I couldn’t do it.

This will be my first year going to NYC Pride! I didn’t even know it was this weekend until the DOMA decision. Since my girlfriend lives in NYC, I am definitely going down this weekend to visit.

And, yeah, I’ve got my rainbow nails on.

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