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Thursday Dance Party Open Thread for 6/6/13

How do you Monday through Friday 9-to-5ers do it? I’m used to long-ish stretches between days off, but this week is dragging. Maybe it’s the anticipation of having an actual Saturday off, maybe it’s sleep deprivation because my monsters have taken to waking up just about every hour during the night (they are lucky they’re cute). Either way, this week is giving me an appreciation for my non-traditional schedule. In honor of my wacky workweek, I give you a song that was on the playlist from when I first started at my current job. It always makes me smile because the first time I met one of my bosses, she was singing at the top of her lungs (it was holiday season in a very very busy store) and dancing up on me to this. After she was done getting her groove on, she took a step back and introduced herself. I dare you to not move to this song. It’s un-possible.

Let us know how this week is progressing in the comments!

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Mostly you remember that they pay you every other Friday. And the health insurance. Sigh. Also, my mom LOVES that song. Or she did until she was dancing to it in a bowling alley, stepped p to throw, and slipped and fell. She got taken to he hospital when she didn’t wake up immediately. Spontaneous dance bowling has really come to a halt.

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