Weekly Anime Review

This week wasn’t as entertaining as last week. Most shows were exposition or sentimental ones. Both Space Ship Yamato and Majestic Prince give us more information about the “bad guys.” Chihayafuru starts the single player tournament for real and the Gargantia continue to be relatively boring.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 21

Chihaya just realized that playing with the left hand means your center of gravity is at a different place. She can be slow (really slow, it took half the match for her to realize her cards were placed for a right-handed player). Looks like she might practice playing with the left hand for real, though. Right-handed players don’t know how to play against left-handed ones (i.e. covering cards is different).

Arata won by 27 cards. He was perfect and his opponent committed two faults. Shinobu won by 25 cards, a perfect score. Chihaya won by two cards with her left hand and she now finds Yu totally manly and marvelous. Looks like everyone won their first match, even Surime. Yeah! Nishida got paired against Arata for his second match. Poor guy. Although, he could have won it, the difference wasn’t that big in the end.

Well, we finally learned what favor Arata asked of his parents if he won the tournament: to attend a university in Tokyo. They want him to lose, because they can’t pay for it.

Singeki no Kiojin ep 09

Go, go Reconnaissance Legion. They are just badass people.  Eren did something stupid and not at the same time. Oh well. Not much to say about this episode – it was mostly people yelling, flashback and exposition.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 09

So Rin doesn’t want Izuru to tell the others what a Walguru looks like. I’m starting to think that there is a big LIE in motion here where everyone is being lied to. The Walguru left the battlefield despite victory being in their grasp. I guess someone got surprised by his discovery or they really prefer to have a real challenge when fighting.

Asagi’s pit crew is made of a three-generation family and the little kid keeps calling him a lame pilot. Kei’s team is cool though, but Kei seems depressed.

So the dialogue between Red 5 and Jiart was recorded and Simon asked Theoria for a translation. Looks like she’s the real boss of MJP too, considering she wants to inform Team Rabbit about what is going to happen now (aka becoming the Walguru’s favorite prey).

Dang, Izuru is right to remember Theoria. She remembers him too. I’m starting to think that she’s his mother now or something. Girlfriend makes no sense when the kid joined the school at 11 years old.

So the ASHMB are based on Wulgaru’s tech, except for the Juria-system. We also seem to have a strange love quadrangle forming right now: Asagi->Kei->Izuru->Theoria.

Seisui no Gargantia ep 08

The Fleet Commander died and named Ridget his successor. Chamber is also done with analyzing the planet position. The Alliance is more than 6000 years away. Ledo is stuck on Earth unless he finds a subspace ship somewhere.

The rest of the episode was sad and just people leaving with Flange to their death, I mean to attack the  whalesquid’s nest.

Space Ship Yamato ep 08

So the leader of the Gamilas, Ghale Desler, has been ruling for 103 years. He doesn’t look that old and he’s bored. He also made a plan and a new torpedo to take down the Yamato. Although, I think it’s just a form of punishment. He also killed one of his men because he was being impolite. I guess he’s not exactly evil, just lawful evil.

The Yamato made it to Gliese 581 (years of Star Trek mean I know where that is). 20.4 light years away from Earth. It was the place of a trap set by Desler. His torpedo was actually a self-replicating gas lifeform (huh?). Their choice of escape are: get eaten by the gas or burn in a star by going through the only “exit.” OK, Desler is a sadist.

The Captain has heart problems. And the Gamilans following the Yamato were melted by the sun, but Desler made their family honorary Gamilans (as opposed to second-class citizens) in their memory.

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