Weekly Anime Review

The week’s episodes were pretty interesting. We learned secrets in Gargantia. Chihaya got to play against the Queen. We got lots of exposition in Majestic Prince, and Yamato explores a sci-fi trope about AI.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 22

Chihaya got crushed. This was expected considering her injury. She just couldn’t compete with Shinobu. She did take Shinobu’s best card and protected one of her own. The best part of the match was Shinobu’s “lame T-shirt” comment and Chihaya’s “super rare Mommy bear tank-top” reply.

Taichi blitzed Retro-kun (he lost by 15 cards). I don’t think he will be losing the B-Class final, which will probably be against Rion. Surime lost her third round match, but the other newbie will probably move into C-Class. He did pretty well against an A-Class in the final. I expect C-class to end with Desktomu and Oe-chan, though. We haven’t seen them since the individual tournament started. The next episode will probably mostly show them and Taichi.

Singeki no Koijin ep 10

Armin saved Eren and Mikasa’s asses with a wonderful salute and yelling. He’s also proposing to use Titan-Eren to retake Yost. That almost didn’t work, until Dot Pixis showed up. He’s the south region commander. There’s not much to say about this episode; there were a lot of flashbacks and stalling.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 10

The Wulgaru’s home planet is in another galaxy. I expected the rest of the stuff, but not this. Simon’s use of pisciculture to describe what the Wulgarus are doing is rather spot on. I never viewed panspermia from that perspective before. There was a lot of exposition in this episode, making it not that interesting to write about, especially when you want to avoid spoilers!

Kei pouted so much during this episode. She really doesn’t like Izuru’s attention on Theoria and Asagi is aware of it now. Although, she got the best answers out of her “rival.” Kei is getting pissed off at being used quite a bit too much once more. It was also her turn to have her room squatted by the team, next is probably Sugura. The doctors also commented on the “adapting to the ASHMB” abilities of the kids and her and Asagi are the worst of the Five fail at it. Seems like they are not being true to their feelings, which is probably the reason for their problems.

Kei has low blood pressure in the morning and she eats lots of sugar. Could she be hypoglycemic?

Seisui no Gargantia ep 09

So Pinion actually lied, one person actually came back from the whalesquid area. He did, but his older brother died.

Ledo started his exterminate the Hideauze mission and he ended up discovering the truth about them.  The end result was rather interesting. The “Hideauze” are actually genetically evolved humans. The conflict between the Galactic alliance and them is that the Alliance doesn’t like the Evolvers. Ledo was traumatized after finding out about it.

Space Ship Yamato ep 09

I, Robot! An interesting episode on a sci-fi trope. They recreated one  of the Gamiroid and Analyzed became his friend. Unfortunately, the Gamiroid, called Alter, found a “Goddess” in the ship and decided to find her. This causes all sorts of problems. The episode is rather sad if you believe that AIs can have a heart.  Might I add that I like XO Sanada quite a bit, and I totally agree with the idea that people’s brains are just big computer programs.

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