Weekly Anime Review

Chihaya continues with a breathless episode that seems way shorter than it is. The show should end soon because there isn’t enough manga material to take it into future seasons. Seisui no Gargantia is becoming a bit of a joke, I think. Majestic Prince had more info dump and the Yamato make new friends that don’t last very long.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 23

Oe-chan lost in the semi-finals, but Desktomu is in the final for the C-class. Taichi made the B-class finale, too. But the A-class final is between Arata and the Queen.

Of course, Chihaya went to watch…Taichi! But Nishima decided to watch the A-class final. Tsukaba is also in the D-final, but nobody mentioned it.

Poor Taichi, he was all calm and then Chihaya showed up and destroyed his concentration.

Shinobu is so lonely, she wants to capture all the cards because they are her friends. Lol, the reader in the class finals that aren’t A was doing his exam. He wasn’t constant.

Taichi won against Rion by nine cards and finally made class A.

Seisui no Gargantia ep 10

Wouah. Ledo had a big breakdown since last week’s data dump. Pinion became an asshole, though that might always have been the case. The guy just decided to tell everyone to not come touch his prized treasures and he’s letting all the pirates that surrender join up with him. He’s an idiot.

The episode ends with Chamber telling Ledo that he has to fight to survive because the war is a choice between supreme being and mankind civilization. I don’t really like his conclusion.

We also get another Galactic Civilization unit showing up at the end.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 11

Operation Ares: the thing was inspected in six hours, a crashed Walguru on Mars. Sounds easy enough, so why do I have the feeling it’s going to fail. Oh right, Team Fail Five.

Huh? The Star Rose space station has water between the outside and the inner walls to block radiation and they raise fish and other water life in there. Come get your irradiated fishes here! No bacteria!

This is sort of a Tamaki-centric episode, which is no fun since she’s the most annoying character. Oh well. Oh, Kei can predict targeting while having her radars ineffective. You go, girl!

Wouah, the Walguru’s main army is made of clones, expendable clones of former prey with no will and they run on batteries. O_O Daneel is rather forthcoming about information and his small mech is super cute.  He also memorizes all of the ship data. Huh?

Singeki no Koijin ep 11

Quote of the day:  “If a powerful treaty could show up, mankind could unite behind it and stop killing each others.” Why do I have the feeling the Titan are man-made creations? Although, Eren thinks it is a silly notion, because humanity is on the brink of destruction and not united one bit.

So Pixi decided to go with Armin’s crazy plan and of course all the soldiers are going crazy about retaking Trost. I can’t believe they told everyone Eren could transform into a Titan too.

Space Ship Yamato ep 10

Lots of Rei this episode. We also have a new Gamilas lady and she’s now stuck in the Yamato. I’m also unsure if the dimensional rift behaves like what was shown here . That Wave Motion Gun is a bit of a “solve everything” weapon. Yep, it was used again to save the Yamato’s ass. Oh, and apparently the humans shoot first. That’s interesting.

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