Weekly Anime Review

The Spring season is coming quite close to end; Chihayafuru only has one episode left and Gargantia doesn’t have many episodes left as well. Majestic Prince had a “breather” episode and we get a recap next week, too. Shingeki will continue, as does Majestic Prince and Yamato. Yamato also had a nice character building episode this week.

Chihayafuru S2 ep 24

Taichi, I don’t think cleaning someone else’s tears with your t-shirt is a proper thing to do. Dang, only the Empress noticed that Tsukaba made it to the Class D finals. Poor guy, he won, too.

Arata is a sadist like Sudo. Charming. He’s also totally calm all the time and has amazing acceleration and general planning to play karuta. Chihaya calls him a god. 500 practice swings a day! That’s crazy. The Queen lost and she had a fever. So I guess it’s not a real loss, right?

One episode left. *Cry.*

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 12

A Public Relations episode? Kei and Tamaki got to do PR activities all day. From “Chief of police” to “Nurse” for a day. Kei is drinking condensed milk drink; it’s full of sugar. Asagi is going out on a “date” with the chibi-girl from her mecha team. Sugura is waiting outside the Star Rose in space looking at something and Izuru is doing is manga.

So, why are the girls the only ones doing PR activies?

Rolf, the Engrish and French was just hilarious: I have control! You have control. Bon Voyage. Oh dear, Kei can get really snarky when she’s pissed off (and tired). Asagi got a gift from the little girl: ant-acids.  I’m not sure what Sugura was waiting for, he had a telescope to look at something.

Next episode is a recap.

Seisui no Gargantia ep 11

It looks like the Commander made some friends; that sound like zombies more than anything else. Creepy.

Pinion is really an idiot: shoot first, ask questions later is never a good idea. Especially when you don’t know what you are facing. He shot his new cannon on the “fleet” of Commander Kugel and got a laser beam response in return.

Commander Kugel recruited Rakkage, the Lobster Pirate Queen. He’s also suffering from something that stops him from exiting his mecha.

Next episode, everything hits the fan! Kugel wants to make the Gargantia an “awareness” program. It’s so not going to end well.

Singeki no Koijin ep 12

Lots of yelling. Eren lost control and only wanted to punch Mikasa. I think he was still pissed of at her from last episode. Looks like turning into a Titan makes you all blissful and sleepy. Hmm. The “control” spot is also in the same region as the “kill” spot of the Titan. hmm

While everyone else is fighting for his life, Armin got Eren out of his Heroic BSOD.

Space Ship Yamato ep 11

Well, looks like the human did shoot first in the First Contact. It was, in fact, Shima’s father that gave the order, because the fleet Admiral was relieved and HQ told him to fire. Poor Shima, he doesn’t want to accept it.

Melda and Rei did some firefighting fun that ended up with Rei’s ship reactor blowing up because of malfunction. Melda saved her and Rei stopped hating her…and got six days in the brig for it. I like Rei. Although, I could have done without the fanservice this episode.

The Yamato finally let Melda go close to where the Gamilias should have a base. They are nice guys. Oh and the Gamilias are humans at the DNA level, except for the blue skin. Ok…

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