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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

I just love ladyblogs. I really, really do. I love how we argue with each other and critique everything. So here’s a few perspectives that’ll make you think.

While we critique the treatment of PoC in Doctor Who, maybe we should also moan about who is running the show. Racialicious

Lessons in modern feminism from NYC’s coolest entrepreneurs. Refinery 29

Why we will never have a female Tony Soprano. XXFactor 

If all the terrible sports dudes are making you depressed, here’s a list of sports dudes who will make you happy. Hello Giggles

Found via RookieMag, an oral history of Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville. (This album got me through so many rough times. I love it.) Spin

The best, most badass lady cops in film and television. Pajiba

What did you read?

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Laurie Penny on being the Manic Pixie Dream Girl:

“Manic Pixies, like other female archetypes, crop up in real life partly because fiction creates real life, particularly for those of us who grow up immersed in it. Women behave in ways that they find sanctioned in stories written by men who know better, and men and women seek out friends and partners who remind them of a girl they met in a book one day when they were young and longing.

For me, Manic Pixie Dream Girl was the story that fit. ”

Oh, and also her interview with members of Pussy Riot:

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