DIY Herbs

Herbs aren’t cheap. So I decided to try and dry my own. FOR SCIENCE!

Bunches of basil hanging up to dry

We had several basil plants that were flowering and looking beautiful, as well as a little dill growing wildly on our plot. I’ve let it hang for a week or two now and took a bunch down to see how it turned out.

After plucking off all the leaves and putting them in a recycled spice jar, it looks like what I’d buy at the store, only not chopped up yet, and it still smells like basil! Success! I have no idea how long I’m supposed to let it dry, but it seems crispy and still smells good, so I’m assuming I did it right, which means I’ll probably poison us all this winter with it somehow. On top of basil and a little bit of dill sprig, I also harvested the dill seeds to plant next year.

Jar of dried herbs

It’s all over the community garden by self propagation, and it’s obviously suited itself swimmingly to our climate, so I made sure to bundle up a jar of them to spread copiously in our garden because I want a healthy dill crop for when I decide to make pickles!

I recently got a food dehydrator that I’m going to try using for drying herbs. But for my lovely readers who only have an oven, I found a video about drying your own herbs in a matter of hours:

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