Early Potato Harvest

Since I dispense weekly plant advice, I thought you guys wouldn’t mind seeing how my personal garden is coming along. There are both awesome things and utter fuckery. We wanted some early summer fingerling potatoes and decided to roust a few plants early. He took a pitchfork to the plants and pried them up, pulling the spuds that clung to the roots off and tossing them into the bucket I held. He then dug through the dirt below collecting any escapee potatoes. Since it is so early in the season we didn’t get a bumper crop, but we did get enough for a few meals of fresh magical spuds.

Bucket of freshly pulled potatoes in a weedy garden
We kind of said “fuck weeding” this summer.
Hands holding a full potato plant that's just been pulled up
You can see the original potato slice we had planted there at the bottom.
Potato flowers on the plant
Potato flowers in full bloom. We have an entire plot full of them.

We both have been working non-stop and our garden kind of took a bit of a back seat this summer. We didn’t hill the potatoes very much, but even without it we got a respectable half bucket of potatoes for this early in the season!

Dirty hands holding a plant and several small potatoes

Colander filled with white and a few red potatoes
After a quick rinse with the hose they’re reading to bring inside and turn into magical potato foods.

Now here is the part where you learn from our fuck-ups:


Also, a heavy layer of hay or hilling soil around the plants will yield infinitely more potatoes (like I already described in my article about growing them). We are overworked and exhausted folk, we’re taking what we can get.

We noticed a potato bug on one of the plants, I’ll probably have to make some insecticidal soap and spray the fuckers down. Instead of waiting until there’s a problem like my dumb ass, have some on hand and do a pre-problem spray every once in a while.

If you want full grown potatoes, wait until the plants die and THEN dig them up. We were having a craving for fingerling potato fries and were also up at 5 a.m., WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO?

Lastly, Mother Nature is forgiving. (Sometimes. Most of the time she’s kind of a bitch.) Even if you fuck up royally, you’ll usually still manage a hearty meal from your garden.

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