End Of the Week News: Yes Indeed

Oh poodles and kittens, you came back. I welcome you to another round of the mid-week news, where we relish in the current events, cringe at headlines, and jump all over what’s happening in our dear world. Here we reconvene for another roundabout recap of all the national and international news, the stuff that proves that we as a species are, well, meh. This week has been a doozy, so strap on your helmet and let’s dive on in.

Anthony Weiner’s reputation and his standing in the New York City mayoral primary have both plummeted, according to the first poll taken since Weiner admitted Wednesday that his online sexual misdeeds continued past his 2011 resignation from Congress. Let’s face it. Women across America don’t like dick pics. (Huffington Post)

A still from "The Simpsons" of Mr. Burns asking, "Smithers, are they booing me?"
The same thing is running through Weiner and Deen’s heads as we speak

In other “no shit” news, Paula Deen still continues to be terrible. Dora Charles, a cook at Deen’s Lady & Sons restaurant who Deen has described as her “soul sister,” has been less than complimentary about Deen. Charles worked alongside Deen for years, many of them lean, but said Deen had promised her riches if Deen’s own fortunes took off. But even after Deen’s rise, Charles was been working for $10 an hour and living in a run-down trailer with a rotting floor. Her salary was later raised, but not until after she filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (New York Times, Huffington Post)

More than 100,000 people have now been killed in more than two years of conflict in Syria, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said, as he appealed for new efforts to convene a peace conference. Ban on Thursday called on the Syrian government and opposition to halt the violence, saying it was “imperative to have a peace conference in Geneva as soon as possible.” (Al Jazeera)

The driver of a Spanish train that went off the rails at high speed, killing at least 80 passengers, is being held in custody in hospital as the authorities begin an investigation into the cause of the country’s worst such disaster in decades. (Al Jazeera)

The Obama administration embarked on a new strategy on Thursday to challenge voting laws it says discriminate by race, an effort to counter a Supreme Court ruling last month that freed states from strict federal oversight. Attorney General Eric Holder vowed to start in Texas, a conservative stronghold where his Justice Department will ask a federal court for renewed power to block new election laws it says illegally discriminate against blacks and other minorities. (Reuters)

Will it get better? It has to get better, right? Kids, all I know is that life is scary and that looking at the news can be downright depressing. So hug tight to your teddy bears and hope for a better tomorrow, because kittens, I promise it will be.

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