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Lunchtime Poll: Everything and Everyone is Terrible

No, seriously, everything is the worst.

So, over the weekend, George Zimmerman was acquitted of the murder (or even manslaughter) of Trayvon Martin, and the Texas abortion bill passed the Senate.

And social media made it worse by pointing out how many people I know hold opinions on these matters that are totally abhorrent to me. My unfriending/unfollowing spree now totals more than two dozen. How about you? What’s your “get off my social media feeds” tally? Are you discovering that people who you wouldn’t have suspected have terrible opinions, or have you just reached the end of your tolerance for it?

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I hid my dad from my feed a long time ago. He’s one of the worst offenders still remaining after the last election (and all but one of those unfriended me, mercifully). About twice a week, I psych myself up and go check his wall to make sure I haven’t missed anything important. He recently friended my husband, though. Yesterday, husband asked, “Why would your dad post this?” as he proceeded to read something that essentially implied that Treyvon Martin was buying Skittles and Arizona Tea so he could make sizzurp. I just…I can’t even. What does it matter? Is he saying that Treyvon got what he deserved? That he was asking for it? It hurts my brain and my heart.

Ironically I haven’t had to unfollow or unfriend anyone. This may be because all these social/legal issues have been brought to my attention via Twitter and my (husband’s) FB friends. I’ve kept myself politically in the dark, paying only attention to the lists of election candidates’ platforms. I’ve learned recently this isn’t the way to live. Just because a law doesn’t affect me personally doesn’t mean I should ignore it.

All that being said, I do try to be tolerant of other people’s opinions. We’re free to disagree on anything. It’s when they get mean or aggressive towards others that I say buh-bye.

Life your life as you see fit…. and let others live theirs.

I hid or defriended about a dozen people during the last election so this time I’ve only had to hide two or three, but every time something stupid or abhorrent shows up on my feed, I just think to myself, well that’s one less person I want to spend time with IRL.

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