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Lunchtime Poll: Getting Hitched

With DOMA being struck down, Pride was all abound in happy couples engaged or married. It really struck a chord with me. My partner and I woke up the day after Pride and decided to do something fun. We changed our Facebook status to married and people were like whut? Everyone thought they had missed our wedding. They hadn’t, we just decided it was time for us to do that because we feel married.

Well, my partner and I did something on Monday that is even more amazing. We went and got our marriage license. We are getting married on our 5 year anniversary of being together next Monday. (CONGRATS! ~ ed.) We had lots of nerves going into the office to pick up the license that day. Lucky for us, King County makes it really easy to get married. Other than the three-day waiting period for your license to become valid, you only need an ID and 64 dollars to get the license. Living in a marriage equality state is pretty awesome, since the forms include gender neutral language. I had never experienced happiness at government bureaucracy before.

So dear Unicorns, tell me your love story! Are you married, happily together, amazingly single or otherwise in any sort of awesome relationship?

By Alyson

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