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Lunchtime Poll: What Characters Would You Like To See in Video Games?

I like “solitary white dude soldier with traumatic past” as much as the next girl, but. . . .

A graphic featuring the heads of various male protagonists of video games
An informative poster from Giant Bomb

Video games! Worlds were we can fight dragons, wield swords, and shoot lasers! And yet so often the protagonists are white guys. Or for games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout, and Dragon’s Dogma, the marketing only features white guys despite the fact that the player can customize and create female/non-white/young/old characters. And often gender doesn’t matter, which is a positive, but often it feels like a female character is just a male character in disguise.

So! What characters would you like to see  in video games? Who do you want to play? Who do you want to be?


By Natasha

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