Mid-Week News: Set It Afire

Well, well, well. Welcome back you delicious, delectable intelligent beings.Here we are again, convening at this little spot for another week of recapping the why, the who, and the what the fuck. Each go around, we take a look at the news, reading every word of what can be a mad, mad world, and wonder again, what the fuck. So fasten your safety belts, and tighten your emotional feels, let’s hop like pop right into the current events that make our heads spin, and really ask – what the fuck.

Still from The Simpsons of a robot that's on fire
Set it on fire

President Mohammed Morsi addressed Egypt  on Tuesday night, reiterating he will not give in to an earlier ultimatum set by the country’s army, and will not step down as demanded by millions of protesters. Morsi called on all Egyptians to refrain from violence against one another as well as against the security forces. (Huffington Post)

The U.S. administration said it will not require employers to provide health insurance for their workers until 2015, in a move that delays a key provision of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law by a year. The delay of part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act represents the administration’s response to widespread complaints about the reporting requirements for employers with more than 50 workers who are subject to the mandate. (Reuters)

Countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe have spurned asylum requests by Edward Snowden, despite a call by Venezuela for the world to protect the former U.S. spy agency contractor wanted by Washington for espionage. Snowden, who revealed secret U.S. electronic surveillance programs, has applied for political asylum in more than a dozen countries in his search for safety from prosecution in the United States. (Reuters)

The US Senate, after a decade of trying and failing, has passed a wide-ranging immigration bill that would put 11 million foreigners now living illegally in the United States on a path to American citizenship. The bill, which is backed by President Barack Obama, would invest $46B in new funding to increase border security and revamp the U.S. visa system. (Al Jazeera)

Well, that wraps up another rip-roaring good time of all the bad news. But remember, when the dark looks darkest, just remember that we are all in this together and we’ve all got to work this thing out. Or set it on fire.

Adieu, adieu.

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