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New Show Recap: True Blood S6.E6 — “Don’t You Feel Me?”

Now let me get this hetero-straight. You’s a vampire that can come out in the daytime?

Terry and Arlene

This week, we’ve crested the mid-point of True Blood Season 6. After “Do You Feel Me?” we only have four more episodes to endure enjoy this year. In past seasons, I might have been a little disappointed to be able to see the end coming, but as regular readers of this recap series know, I am on the fence, leaning solidly towards “do not care” territory. Even a really solid episode like “Do You Feel Me?” or last week’s “Fuck The Pain Away” hasn’t quite been enough to rekindle my Bon Temps love affair. I’ve been burned too many times.

But! That said, there’s a lot of promise in the storylines that the writers have rolled out in the last couple of weeks. They’ve finally starting trimming away the cast bloat and pulled in some dropped stories from earlier seasons, which, let’s be honest, shows that someone is paying attention, somewhere, in what’s happened in this little world. I admit to some cautious optimism. Cautious optimism.

Sookie and Warlow

When we last left Sookie, she was in the process of being drowned by GhostDad. This week, she was still being drowned by GhostDad, but was also saved by Warlow, who was released by Bill just for that purpose. See, Bill’s version of “dead to me” apparently isn’t so permanent, and I sort of feel like that’s just another ploy to keep viewers on Bill’s side, even though he’s a total jagoff. I won’t be fooled by this nominal gesture at decency, True Blood writers!

Warlow and Sookie talking

Right, so Warlow saves Sookie, exorcizes Sookie’s dead dad (by the way, by using his light, which Sookie could have also done, but then Warlow wouldn’t have needed to show up), and then Lala, Warlow and Sookie have a nice chat on the banks of the river. And then Bill tries to summon Warlow back to his side using his ridiculous summoning abilities that cause the summonee’s chest to cave in on itself, because, remember, Bill is a total jagoff. So Sookie saves Warlow by transporting him to fairy Bon Temps cemetery – remember that place, where all the fairies had to flee from because Jagoff Bill infiltrated it that one time? – where he’s out of range of Bill’s stupid powers.

Then they talk about making Sookie another fairie-vampire hybrid, and then they do it, with full frontal shots of Sookie, because how else would we know she’s still sexy after having two kids?

Camp Vamp

Camp Vamp was a hopping place this week. Lots going on! Lots of good stuff going on!

Eric and Pam obviously don’t try to kill each other, but wordlessly coordinate an attack on the guards and watchers in Vampire Thunderdome, proving that, yes, they still really love each other. As a punishment – well, for that and the whole “turning Willa” thing – the Governor infects Nora with a strain of Hep V, which was last mentioned back in the first damn season, so way to check out the old scripts, current writing staff!

Willa berates her father into putting her into general population so she’s with her “people,” which means she’s in place when Eric summons her to rescue Nora. Willa, for whatever reason, annoys me way less than Nora, so it’s a wash when Willa acts awesomely to rescue the blah Nora. Still, the three of them get out of their containment cell, carry around a severed hand to act as a key, and stumble upon the Governor’s nefarious plot to sell Hep V tainted True Blood to the starving vampire populace.

Eric and a spear

To torment Jason, Sarah Newlin makes him watch a “vampire copulation study” where the subjects are Jessica and a new-and-totally-hot-and-amazing- vamp named James, who, please writers, let us see more of.

The Weres

This whole plotline remains a giant ball of suck.

Sam gives Emma back to Martha, who spirits her granddaughter off to parts unknown. We’re down two recurring characters.

Alcide has been the packmaster for less than a week and has totally and completely become exactly the kind of miserable asshole Emma’s real dad (and former packmaster) was.

The weres did give us one of the best scenes of the episode, when the fully nude waitress from last week walks out of frame, comes back with a bucket of KFC, sticks it near her naked crotch and eats happily of the chicken, which I just about howled with laughter when I saw it.


Bill gets around to noticing that Jessica was freaking kidnapped yesterday and suddenly becomes concerned for his progeny – as he does, when it’s convenient to him. Then he’s put into a vamp coma, sees more totally naked women, and gets into a fight with Lilith. Lilith happily points out that Bill sought out her power, so maybe he should stop whining about how none of this was his choice and nut up.

Bill holding a head

When he gets woken up, Bill drinks all of Warlow’s blood samples to become invulnerable to sunlight, bullets, and overacting, so that he can casually stroll into the Governor’s compound. And allow me to fully admit, as much as I tire of Bill Fucking Compton, this was a great moment. Bill tries (not very hard) to find out where Camp Vamp is and when the Gov won’t tell him, rips the guy’s head off. Let the record show that the Governor sort of deserved it.


And so we have to talk about Terry.

Last week, Terry arranged his own death with another old Marine buddy. He couldn’t stand living with the knowledge that he not only killed all of those civilians in Iraq, but that he also killed one of his friends. In preparation, he gives Lala a key to safe deposit box, which we can only assume will explain to Arlene what happened to him.

While he’s making plans and settling his affairs, Arlene and Holly decide they need to do something to give Terry some peace of mind. Holly pulls a couple of favors and gets a vamp friend of hers to erase Terry’s memories of the war. Arlene asks that he doesn’t remember any of the terrible stuff, but that he knows that he’s a husband and a father and a cook – all the things that make him proudest and happiest. After the vampire leaves, Terry and Arlene get to have one peaceful night together. And the next day, Terry seems happy and content. He kisses his wife. He’s nice to his coworkers. He smiles at the sun on his face.

And then he’s shot in the throat, unexpectedly, like he asked. And he dies with Arlene singing to him, holding his hand, so that his last memories are of being loved.

Arlene and Terry

Random observations:

Hey, remember when Rutger Hauer was on the show? No, neither does anyone else.

If Warlow burned Lilith up to kill her, where did her acolytes get her actual blood from? Why wouldn’t it have all burned up with her?

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Oh, yeah. T2 is the superior character. I like his grizzleness.

They had better tie the weres into this whole thing some how, because they really are floating out there doing nothing. I assume next week Sam goes home for Terry’s funeral, and then maybe we get the storyline crossover. Episode 7 is usually where that happens anyway, where all the subplots start to make sense.

Has Sam had a good plotline since the Manead?

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