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Hello, my friends. This edition of news will be more of the appetizer variety, as the news coming from the States is grim. I’ve been scouring for good news because I think we all could use it.

The young Pakastani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban gave a speech to young UN delegates on her 16th birthday. Malala Yousafzai was targeted because of her status as an advocate for the education of girls in her country. The good news is the number of girls attending school in Malala’s home district of Swat rose in early 2013. Some attribute it to Malala’s story, though others point to the decrease of the Taliban’s influence in the area. Unfortunately, in other areas of Pakistan, the number of girls attending school dropped significantly as parents fear their daughters will be targeted like Malala.

Muslims around the world started celebrating the holy month of Ramadan this week and Foreign Policy Magazine has some beautiful photos not just from Asia, but around the world.

Du Bin, a Chinese journalist whose work has been critical about life in China, was released on bail after spending five weeks in prison.

Sports Illustrated has a story of the only American football player and foreigner in Afghanistan’s pro league and his experience there. Nick Pugliese, who graduated from Williams College and is a defensive midfielder, originally came to Afghanistan to work for a telecommunications firm in Kabul before quitting to play football full-time. He also documents his experience on his blog, Nick Plays Football in Kabul.

An ancient city in Laos that was submerged when the Mekong Delta swelled has now reemerged as water levels have dropped. It’s stories like these that inspire me to partake in some Lara Croft cosplaying.

The world’s largest building just opened in the city of Chengdu this week.

IMAX is set to expand in Asia.

The US and China may have reached an agreement on initiatives to cut harmful emissions in both countries and attempt to curb climate change.

Finally, Yuan Yuan, a giant panda housed in the Taipei Zoo gave birth to a healthy girl this weekend (link contains video of the mama giving birth).

And while I’m at it, here’s some panda gifs to cheer everyone up a little.

Baby panda saying hello!
Oh hello baby panda!
baby panda climbing a tree
Be careful baby panda.
Chased by 3 baby pandas.
What do you call a group of pandas? Besides cute?
Animated gif of a baby panda on a slide
I just can’t with the cute.


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I ran into an old high school friend who converted after college and wanted to hang out with her and she brought up that it was Ramadan so eating activities couldn’t happen until later in the evenings. I did a virtual face palm.

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