Spying on the Midweek News

It’s only Wednesday and a lot has happened in the world. Well, a lot is always happening in the world. Just think about it, while you’re arguing with your coworkers about where to go for lunch, someone else is making a major arrest or unccovering a sinister plot.

In a story straight out of a Bond novel, Panamanian authorities have seized a North Korean cargo ship carrying missiles from Cuba. NYTimes 

Senate leaders reached a deal that preserves the filibuster and allows for confirmation of some of Obama’s nominees. NYTimes

The leader of the notorious and brutal Zetas drug cartel has been captured in Northern Mexico. Authorities hope this will help curb violence, but similar captures have lead to increased violence due to turf wars. BBC

A Zimmerman juror got a book deal. Then they lost it. At least there is SOME justice in this world. LATimes

Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia. CNN

Finally! Proof that the T-Rex we’ve always loved was a vicious hunter.¬†NPR

Gif of a t-rex

By [E] Sally Lawton

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