Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

The last few weeks have been a crazy blur. My emotions have hit the highest highs and some really anxiety-inducing lows. I got married to my lovely wife and I came out both to my family and at work. Music really kept me going through this week.

1. “This Year” by the Mountain Goats

Probably one of the most popular Mountain Goats songs due to its catchy-ass chorus. The song is actually a very personal retort about John Darnielle’s broken home but he knows that it universally sends out a message all MG fans can get.  It is definitely a pump up song for me. I have been using it as anthem for transition all year long.

2. “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds

I played this song for Carolina on our three-year anniversary of being together. I feel bad in my partner duties for not playing it earlier. I am a sucker for love songs and this one totally reminds me of her every time I hear it. It is worth the good cry.

3.  “Across the Universe” by the Beatles

This one is dedicated to my new wife. We didn’t get a traditional first dance yet but this has been our song since day 1 of being together. It is not my favorite Beatles song. That is “A Day in the Life,” but it has always been close to the top for me. So when Carolina and I were talking about our favorite Beatles songs, we both drifted to “Across the Universe.” Five years later, here we are :)

4. “Not Ready To Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks

I used to have this as my ringtone for my mother. It always felt like a great little “fuck you” to her. It is weird that I am not so much into that anymore. I think both my mom and I have progressed past our bitter fights. Regardless, I totally did listen to this leading up to her finding out about me. I miss the Dixie Chicks. They need a new album badly. Solo albums just aren’t cutting it for me.

5. “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve

Totally how I felt after coming out to my mom and her reaction to it. Also maybe the best use of strings ever.

6. “21st Century Digital Boy” by Bad Religion

Another one of my favorite punk bands. This song has always been something I have listened to in times of familial stress.

7. “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” By Jay Z

Wow HOVA has come a long way from this song, huh? But sometimes I love to hear a musical sampled in hip hop. And now Jay is producing a new Annie movie? The world has come around.

8.” Guerilla Monsoon Rap” by Talib Kweli Featuring Black Thought, Pharaohe Monch, and Kanye West

One of my favorite early 2000s joints. Recently rediscovered it. This has a pre-fame Kanye beat. I love some of the references dropped in this song including Star Trek, Dr. Doom and Ali vs Frazier.

9. “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO

Now this song just makes me want to go outside and walk around. It is a very upbeat song and that is exactly how the week is finishing for me.

10. “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

This is Carolina’s favorite song. I would feel remiss if I didn’t include my wife’s favorite song on a list referencing our wedding. Let’s all have an Almost Famous singalong now.

Music makes the whole world go round. I am glad I can turn to it in times of need and in times of joy.

By Alyson

Queer Pop Culture Junkie in the Northwest. Addicted to Coffee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fantasy Sports, The Mountain Goats, and Tottenham Hotspur.

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Congrats on your wedding, love! I hope yours was as meaningful and beautiful as mine was to my husband. Since you didn’t share your mother’s reaction, I can only assume it wasn’t a positive one, so I will send some positive vibes from here and anyone else who isn’t so blind.

well i didnt put my mom’s reaction in here partially because this article was mostly written before i got the full reaction and partially because i wanted to keep it for a separate post. i am trying not to always to write about my personal stuff.

my wedding was lovely. it was small and beautiful. i mean we did planning in two weeks and then did it. it was a very much a diy thing. we want to have a bigger party sometime in the future.

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