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This Open Thread is Going Abroad

We’re off to spend the summer in Germany! Which sounds like a good plan, until I tell you that the English summer is actually pretty awesome right now. Still, I’m hoping for even better weather, and good times with the family. Now, I just have to convince the kids that two hours on a plane will be FUN.

How are we all doing? Still enjoying the summer?

By Karo

Schnazzy East German translator and cricket obsessive residing in England. I have other qualities, too.

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So I don’t know who else I can tell this to without being judged.. My five year old African Dwarf frog died tonight, and I’m super sad about it. More sad than I feel like I have the right to be, but he’s been with me through all my moves since junior year of college, and I miss him. His brother died over Easter break last year and that was rough, but now both of them are gone. :(

So sorry for your loss. Pet’s dying is never fun. Not even the little ones that you know will only be around for a few years. None of my mice lived to be more than a little over a year old and I still gave them little burials in the back yard and got a bit mopey when they died. It’s no fun, and it’s ok to feel sad.

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