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This Open Thread is Having a Tantrum

Kittens – maybe you had a long weekend. But with rest, relaxation, comes the return to reality.

How do we feel about reality? Well, if you are a grown ass woman like myself, then you are into throwing tantrums at this cruel fate. And who do we have to turn to for inspiration for the best tantrums ever?

God bless America. And God bless our horrible attitudes this Tuesday evening.

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I guess you can’t rent a place without the landlords trying to slip at least a little something past you, BUT–

The old fridge (got them to switch out for a newer fridge) leaked from underneath, and they put down this giant rubber-bottomed doormat (fridge=next to back door, so not overly suspicious-looking)… and there was all this wet rotty stuff under when I pulled the mat up.

Which should have been my warning about the smaller rubber-bottomed doormat that was already in the bathroom when we got here. We didn’t move it until this weekend when we had to deal with other bathroom issues, but when we did, imagine how pleased I was to note that water seeps up and out from between the slats of laminate flooring!

A) Just fix that business, honestly. Your rental property is going to rot the eff away. Cheapskate.
B) I’m not going to pay for trouble you hid from me in order to (maybe?) let it progress on my watch and make it seem like my fault. Best believe I’m documenting.
C) Who puts wood-anything-flooring (even crappy laminate) in a bathroom? The only thing worse is carpet.
D) I don’t want peeeeee stank seeping through my floor all the time. ARGH.

It’s the second day of my body informing me I’m not pregnant. Yay. I already knew that. Now stop giving me cramps. Also, all the people I know are presently giving me a headache without trying which makes me grumpy for being annoyed for no reason. Harrumph.

I applied to work for a temp agency a few days ago and they called me today. It was too late to call back so I’ll try tomorrow. Boy, am I nervous. I checked out reviews of the company online and the biggest complaints are being underpaid and people not getting back to you in time. It seems like there’s a lot of people that hate recruiters but I know a bunch that had decent experiences with them. I wish I knew what to expect.

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