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This Open Thread Is Relaxing

True, relaxing isn’t really all that hard when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Also, I have Crabbie’s! It’s ginger beer, and it’s alcoholic. Huzzah!

How are we all doing, then?

By Karo

Schnazzy East German translator and cricket obsessive residing in England. I have other qualities, too.

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The Daisy dog was out of control with her neuroses yesterday. And at obedience class she went into such a tailspin that I started crying talking to the trainer after class. (She hugged me and offered one-on-one training especially for Neurotidog. I really needed that hug.) And then when we got home she stress-puked everywhere. I moved all my furniture so that she can’t see out the window and I’m hoping she does better today. BUT there’s a small severe storm cell headed right for our tiny town, so I’m sure she’ll be out of her little doggy mind. It’s that knowledge that your neighbors hate you that really makes life worth living. (Also, I’m not allowed to have a grill on my balcony because it’s a fire hazard, but the rednecks in ANOTHER BUILDING were shooting off fireworks right behind my building last night. Really? REALLY????) I am only slightly high stress today. Somebody talk me off the ledge!!!!

Remember to breathe. You will do what you can to make anxiety dog as calm as you can but ultimately you cannot make her not anxious. You are a good dog caregiver. The assholes with bottle rockets deserve some serious bad karma. Hopefully your neighbors are sympathetic to you even if they don’t like the noise level. That’s how I felt about my old neighbors pair of noisy rescue dogs. If not, poo on them.

Since you’re not doing a SYTYCD Recap thingie, I’m gonna put this here:

What’s up with the elimination at the beginning of the show?!? And then making the eliminated still perform!?! Which, yeah, cause their partners are depending on them, but that’s just cold.

Well, the weekend was relaxing. Today, though: not so much.
My research funding ran out today (and cannot be renewed because of the stupid US govt sequestration). So I have waaaaay less income now and for a long while. And I still have to be at my lab so I can finish the work for my dissertation (and I can’t just disappear, because that’s a hell of a way to piss off the people who need to give me recommendations in the near future). So I’m basically stuck doing part-time work for nothing, and stretching myself way thin to make ends meet while still making enough time to finishing writing the dissertation… I just won’t spend money until May I guess. That’s a thing I can do, right?

And I got a cold sore on my lip… ugh. This Monday can suck it.

Let it be said that every nurse practitioner I’ve ever dealt with at Planned Parenthood has been awesome. Yeah, I had to wait for an hour to be seen because they were slammed, but they are always so awesome.

Also reminded me to donate to them when I have some extra cash.

On a related note, there’s this cool app called Buycott, which you can use to scan items at the grocery store or other shops on your smartphone to see if it’s a GMO-Monsato product or comes from factory farming, etc. One of the campaigns I have listed is to support companies that donate to Planned Parenthood. That campaign has over 17,000 members. There’s also another campaign to boycott Planned Parenthood supporters.

Number of supporters for the boycott Planned Parenthood campaign: 25

I may have cackled when I saw that number.

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