This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny is Doubling Down

This series might have taken off for the holiday last week, but the world just kept on dealing out one piece of misogynistic crap after another. So much so that we’re doling out two misogyny posts this week. Gird your loins, ladies! (As usual, trigger warnings for just about everything apply.)

Wendy Davis is totally not really a feminist because she dyed her hair.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R) is totally pissed that poor women on Medicaid aren’t paying more for pregnancy care and breast cancer treatments.

Between 2006 and 2010, at least 148 pregnant female inmates in California were sterilized without getting the necessary state approvals. Many of the women were coerced into receiving tubal ligations after giving birth.

More than 100 sexual assaults have been reported during protests in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

Well, fuck. New rules that are being discussed for the handling of military sexual assault cases don’t apply to the Coast Guard since it’s part of the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Defense Department.

UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore Landen Gambill has been charged with violating the school’s honor code because she spoke out about being raped by a fellow student. The school claims this qualifies as intimidation, even though she didn’t actually name him. Others suspect it’s retaliation; Gambill and several other students filed a federal complaint against the school for creating a “hostile environment” for students reporting rapes or sexual assaults. Her rapist was also moved to a dorm closer to hers even after he was found guilty of harassing her.

The New York Times is astounded that Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor tend to rule the same way on most cases because they have similar ideological beliefs, not just similar ladybits.

London mayor Boris Johnson thinks that women in Malaysia are attending university in large numbers because they’re husband-hunting. Twitter had some fun with that!

A Belgian diplomat and his wife were accused of terrorism because she dared to breastfeed their child at a country club in White Plains, NY. Weapons of mass lactation!!

People are apparently super concerned because Kate Middleton’s OB is a hot dude and that might be distracting during labor and delivery. For fuck’s sake, when you’re squeezing a baby out of your vagina, the last thing you give a fuck about is how cute the person catching it is. If she were uncomfortable with him, I’m sure she’d be able to find a new doctor without any problems.

A bikini-clad woman was removed by police from a Missouri waterpark because workers deemed her attire to be too revealing, despite the fact that many younger women at the park were wearing similar suits. Doesn’t look inappropriate to me!

The BBC had to issue an apology to Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli after one of the station’s presenters took the opportunity of her win to insult her looks. Because of course the only reason she reached the top of the game was that her daddy told her she wasn’t pretty.

Kyle Petty thinks that Danica Patrick is “not a race car driver.” Notably, he didn’t say the same thing of any of the male drivers she regularly beats.

Do breasts limit the ability of female athletes? On the one hand, women can be at a disadvantage when equipment isn’t properly designed for their bodies, but don’t we have anything better to ask world-class athletes about than their boobs?

“Feminist” isn’t a bad word, no matter what Susan Sarandon says.

Charles Saatchi is super upset that Nigella Lawson won’t publicly defend him after pictures were taken of him with his hands around her throat outside a London restaurant. Go fuck yourself, dude. (Proceed with caution if you click any links from the Slate article; the pictures in question are shown again in the Daily Mail story because they are The Worst.)

A blogger is trying to get Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak banned from Florida schools because he considers the book to be child pornography. It’s about a 14-year-old rape victim.

This Thought Catalog list of the “12 Things All Women Must Do If They Want To Succeed” is sadly not satire. It is, however, contradictory, privileged, ridiculous bullshit.

Well, at least this guy is upfront about not wanting women to dress too modestly in the summertime, but we shouldn’t let it all hang out either because we should be “classy.” And guys, make sure your wife or friends warn you when an inappropriate slut approaches so you can properly avert your eyes. Mine just rolled out of my head, so I can’t help.

According to a poll by, wedges are men’s least favorite shoes for women. Why the fuck do we care what men think of women’s shoes? Can’t women just wear what they like and what’s comfortable? And why the fuck is the Today Show covering a shoe poll from a coupon website and pretending it’s in any way legitimate?? (And who’s editing their posts, since the link to the actual poll is broken? Side-eye.)

Recommended reading

  • Roxane Gay on how America caters to what men want and says to hell with what women want.
  • It’s great that Tootsie made Dustin Hoffman realize that women are treated differently based on their looks, but for fuck’s sake, let’s all stop flipping out every time a famous man “gets” what women say all the damn time.
  • It turns out that Barbie is still cute if she’s made to match the dimensions of an average 19-year old.
  • Two great articles from Glosswitch at New Statesman: Alicia Silverstone has started a breastmilk sharing program that restricts who can donate based on their lifestyle choices, which has caused all sorts of flailing about what is and isn’t appropriate for women to do with their own bodies, especially as related to pregnancy and parenting. Also, why are people so grossed out by breasts if they’re feeding a baby but furious at the suggestion that there really don’t need to be naked ladies on page 3 of the tabloids?
  • Related: Poet Hollie McNish is tired of being told to nurse her baby in bathrooms.

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All the LOLs: Charles Saatchi is now trying to be his own divorce lawyer.

As a UK lawer said on Twitter:

It takes a certain sort of person to think they “don’t need lawyers” against the UK’s leading divorce litigator [Baroness Fiona Shackleton, who is also Lawson’s cousin].

He “doesn’t like the lawyers he has had in the past” which is, of course, code for “the lawyers told him things he didn’t want to hear”.

Kyle Petty can fuck right off. Danica polled at the Daytona 500 as a god damn rookie. Kyle Petty didn’t do that until he had been racing for 13 years. Oh what’s that? No wins for you Kyle until you had been racing for six years? Huh. Almost like rookies usually need a few years to get good at this? And Danica couldn’t ride daddy’s coat tails in to the sport like he did.

Shut up, I like NASCAR. I know. I know.

On the athletes’ boobs one, at least some attention is being paid to the issue? I mean, why are sports bras still being sold in S/M/L instead of following the usual band/cup size model? Although, to be fair, it is becoming less difficult to find sports bras in “bra sizing”, but even in stores that focus on women’s athletic wear, the majority of bras are S/M/L.

And that’s not even getting into the issue of bras that are pull-on/pull-off that require yogi type contortions to get off after a workout.

nono-they can! You just have to exhale REALLY HARD and then smoosh. And then not breath for the duration of your exercise, which is probably better for you anyway cuz science. (This is all part of my new exercise/diet plan that will make me millions! Don’t want to give it all away, but a good part of it is not breathing until you pass out, cause if you’re passed out, you’re not eating. I just need to find a few people willing to claim that they’re doctors and endorse it. Then Dr. Phil, then…THE WORLD!!!)

I have one sports bra from Freya that is sized, and an industrial-strength one that looks more like fetish clothing but does the job like you would not believe. I laugh in the face of ‘sports’ bras that only have letters on them.

….At least they’re getting divorced now? (Lawson & Saatchi)

I do feel sorry for Kate Middleton at the moment. There are papparazzi camped outside the hospital in London where she’s assumed to have booked to give birth in, waiting for her to show up in labour. Gross. Part of me hopes she’s planning a homebirth in her parents’ house to spite them.

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