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This Weekend Open Thread is Definitely Not Sick

I am blaming these symptoms on anything but germs.

It’s been a roller coaster couple of weeks over here. Last weekend at this time, I was in Indianapolis lady-ing it up with some of the Persephone editors, which was awesome. But two weeks ago I lost my job, which was the opposite of that. That’s a lot of stress on my body, which is why I refuse to accept the possibility that the throat and sinus nonsense I’ve been dealing with is actual illness, and not just my body being a little ticked off at me.

Nonetheless, I am spending this weekend being as lazy and restful as possible. What are you up to?

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This evening one of my neighbors rang my doorbell and offered to remove the large dent from my back bumper for a small fee. I was so caught off guard that I agreed. Apparently this guy has been eyeing my bumper since we’ve moved in and has been wanting to fix it. This was hilarious to me because a.) it’s so random, and b.) because my mechanic had told me the only solution was to replace the bumper. Ha! This guy managed to do it with a little bit a muscle and some comet, so I guess I’ll be changing mechanics.

The rest of my weekend has been great. I made corn pesto pasta, did lots of yard work, played some board games, and finally got around to watching New Girl which has been a pleasant surprise.

Disregard of social conventions about clothes was the best part of having our roommates move out after four years. That, and not having to have furtive, quiet, we’re-gonna-get-caught sexytimes to make sure our roommates didn’t hear us. Good luck with your new roommate!

Forgive me for answering a rhetorical question. But he could be acquitted because the prosecution had to prove their case “beyond all reasonable doubt.” When the only living witness to the whole incident is the person being prosecuted, that becomes virtually impossible. The fustrating and heartbreaking thing about the justice system is that “just” isn’t the same as “right” and it hardly ever feels as satisfying.

Visiting with my BF’s dad is weird… they have an awkward relationship so BF ends up with just a major case of verbal diarrhea all through dinner. I sometimes wonder if his dad might think I’m mute, or if BF is always this much of a steamroller. I feel bad because it happens every time and I really just wish BF could be more relaxed and normal…

I went to the gym for the third time this week! And I enjoyed it. BRB, checking if I’ve had a personality transplant…

It’s gorgeously sunny here in the south of England, and everybody, their mother, and their pet dog has descended on my city for the weekend.

I have managed to ignore signs of illness until they disappeared before. It’s possible! Speaking of which, air conditioning messes with my throat every time! I’m not getting ill, I’m not getting ill…!
Back home between two holidays. Sunshine, paddling pool and BBQs. Life is good at the moment.

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