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We Try It: Himalayan Pink Salt

I’m a sucker for pink things and a lifelong salt fiend, so when my husband suggested I look into Himalayan pink salt, I went running to Google. I’m not one to buy into faddish health food claims or spend money on faddish gourmet items, but what I found was intriguing enough to make me open my wallet.

What it is (besides pink): Unrefined salt crystal from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan – part of a Precambrian salt range that originated about 800 million years ago. It is available in forms from slab to table grind and is used for cooking and holistic purposes. Additionally, it can be carved to make everyday items like lamps and shot glasses.

Why it’s better than ordinary salt (besides, you know, pink): Unrefined means all the good stuff the earth put into it stays in it. Many sources claim up to 84 trace minerals, although you can find about as many that claim only a dozen or so in negligible amounts. At any rate, it does have a different/earthier/better flavor than iodized or sea salt.

In slab form, it can be refrigerated and used as a serving tray or placed directly on stove burners/grills and used as a low-to-medium heat cooking surface. Both methods subtly season the food. In ground form, it’s used the same way as other salts. The only caveat is it’s much stronger than regular iodized or sea salt, and recipe amounts may need to be adjusted to taste. It’s easy to over-salt your food the first few times.

On the sites that claim the high number of minerals you’ll usually also find a long list of health benefits, everything from better sleep to better sex drive. People cook with it, bathe with it, drink it as a tonic. A lot of people swear by it.

I think I do, too.

I didn’t start – and continue – using the salt exclusively because I thought it might help me. My choice was simply taste and aesthetics: It makes my food taste better, and it looks like rose quartz ground up on my plate.

Because I never expected any health benefits, I made no effort to track, or even notice, any changes. I can’t tell you when the change started, or why, really. All I know is I’ve been using the salt for four months, and about six weeks ago, I realized I have periods of more available energy.

I’m not cured of my illnesses, not by a long shot. I still have the fibro pain (all day erry day). I still have days that I just can’t get it up enough to do anything. But I also have days that I can clean the kitchen and cook a good meal and bake and take a shower. All in the same day! Without being nearly comatose the next day!

I can’t state with 100% accuracy that something as simple as salt is making my life better. I’m not under a doctor’s care, getting regular blood work, or making any effort to track and record my daily state of being. But honestly, nothing else has changed. I’m not consistent with any vitamin or supplement use, nor have I started or stopped any medications or activities.

It might be the salt. It might not. At this point, the only way to know would be stop using it, wait a few months and start again… but you know, I’m not that invested in knowing for sure. Certainly not enough to risk going back to square one.

I’ll just keep enjoying my pretty pink salt and kicking culinary ass. And report back after I get  pretty pink shot glasses and a salt lamp.

By Brenda

40-something-something stay home mom, floating somewhere between traditional and strange. I’m addicted to music, making things and my computer.

7 replies on “We Try It: Himalayan Pink Salt”

Ooh, I’ve been meaning to get some of this for quite some time! I’m actually putting it on my grocery list for this week though. It just sounds too good to go without.

I did have steak tartare served on a pink Himalayan salt rock once and it was fantastic. Boyfriend didn’t like it so I got to eat all of it by myself :D

If you look online you can find it pretty cheap – I got just over 4 lbs of rough table grind for less than $10 (the shipping was more than the salt itself).

I think once I get the other things I might look into a slab, too. It sounds interesting.

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