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Chihayafuru, S2 ep 25

Arata is 4-0 versus the Queen, though I personally thought they met more often than that as kids though. LOL at Arata’s parents. Looks like his mother doesn’t want to spend all her time only with her husband in the house. The first thing Chihaya asks Arata after the win is, “Why are you always so calm?” She’s actually a bit emo about it. Quite emo about it, really.

The school club won three of the four finals: B, C and D. Yeah! They are the best. Fujisaki’s coach gave Chihaya her email address and phone number so she can get the Class A final video. Looks like Chihaya has a new fan. She also invited her team to a two-day camp at her school over the summer, but only Chihaya and Taichi can attend. Mostly because Oe-chan made sure they could spend some quality time together. She’s a real Taichi/Chihaya shipper.

Chihaya has Enchondromatosis. Poor Chihaya, she decided to have an operation, otherwise it was, “No kurata for you.” One week at the hospital for a little cut on the finger, then one month without doing anything. I think it’s a bit extreme, personally.

This is the last episode, unfortunately there isn’t enough manga material to make a third season yet. I’m sad.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, Ep 12.5

Recap episode that I didn’t watch. Apparently, most of it was a voice actor interview anyway.

Seisui no Gargantia, Ep 12

The best episode of this show.

Pinion, Rakkage and Ledo decide to rebel against Striker. I say Striker because the commander has been a corpse for a while, it seems. Never let AI in control of war machine, they get a bit upset and totalitarian. We had nice battle animation.

I’m not too sure of what is going to happen next. We got a Chekhov’s gun in the Gargantia with the “key” and the Heaven’s Ladder. With a name like that, I suspect that the main ship in the Gargantia isn’t really meant to sail on the sea.

Singeki no Koijin, Ep 13

This show has awesome music, but it tends to love having small recaps at the beginning of each episode a bit too much.

The operation was a success and a lots of people got eaten. Considering that the Titans don’t really have a digestive system, they throw back up all they have eaten in a ball of…corpses. Totally gross.

Of course, they jail Eren, because you know they don’t really trust him. Although, he still got to join the Reconnaissance Legion in the end. Well, maybe not, corporal Levi said he was going to watch over him.

Meh, seems like next week is a recap episode.

Space Ship Yamato, Ep 12

Shima really didn’t take the truth well…and now the ship’s spy knows about it and pretty much everyone. At least Rei helped Shima get out of his funk. The Yamato will soon leave the Galaxy and they think that the Gallimas are in the Milky Way; some people will have a rude awakening soon.

Lots of Gallimas politics in this episode. It was rather interesting and sad at the same time. Looks like some Gallimas aren’t happy about the “change” their Empire is experiencing. We also see the Yamato ghost again and she looks exactly like Mori.

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