Weekly Anime Review

I’m down to three shows, nothing in the summer lineup interested me. The good news is that Majestic Prince is still totally awesome and filled with good action. Shingeki‘s plot is progressing; I have a good idea of when this season will end. Finally, Space Ship Yamato had a great episode as well.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince ep 14

Izuru is having nightmares. I guess running away on foot from a big machine is scary.

Ange wasn’t happy to be called Ange-san by Izuru. Now it’s just going to be Ange. The look Ange gave him in the end was rather subjective. I think Kei is going to have competition.

So Ange is better than everyone else at their thing. S/he even cooks better than Kei (she uses a lot less sugar). Sugura’s presentation of his new toy was rather cool even though he speak fast, but once again, Ange proved better. Asagi was destroyed in a war simulation, too.

So Izuru wanted to be a hero before having his memory erased. Or so says Theoria. Personally, I don’t trust her. This week’s mission is “Save Doberman” from a ship graveyard with a strange gravity field. It seems it was a trap by Jiart. Oh, and Patrick (of the Doberman team) has a thing for Tamaki.

Red 5 super mode!
Red 5 super mode!

Super awesome melee fight between Red 5 and Jiart. hmm. And I just realized that Red 5 has a chainsaw weapon that is also a gun. Izuru was thinking too fast for his mecha.

Singeki no Koijin ep 14

So the military police are afraid that the low-born will use Eren’s power to take over the Wall Sina where the rich live. So they want to have him killed. On their side, the Reconnaissance Legion wants to have Eren on their side to retake Wall Maria.

This causes a military tribunal to be held to decide his fate. Levi ends up beating him up in the end to allow the Recon Legion Commander to play his card, which is to have Levi watch over him.

Space Ship Yamato ep 14

Mori really wanted to learn to pilot a jet fighter, so she overrode the controls to get her chance. She’s not that bad despite Kodai refusing to let her pilot. I’m wondering if before losing her memory she actually did know how to pilot.

Spinning Yamato
Spinning Yamato

This was sort of a “horror” story. The Galimas have psychics and they used one to take over the Yamato. Only Mori and Kodai avoided the first “taking over.” The episode is mostly their fight against “her” and getting help from the Yamato’s ship.

This was rather psychotic in terms of direction. The scenes jump from memories to scary stuff. Also, Mori must be special because the “ship” spirit took over Misaki and went to help her. I suspect who ever is the “ship” spirit is someone similar to Link, the Galimas psychic. That spirit also gave something to Mori in her mind.

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