An Amuse Bouche of News

Sally is off on an adventure this week, so I’ve found an assortment of tasty news bits to keep the hunger away between second breakfast and lunch. 

Glen Greenwald is the public face of the Snowden leaks, but documentary film maker Laura Poitras may be the Wizard of Oz. Read this excellent profile of her in NY Times Magazine.

I turned on CNN (ha!) to find some news fit to print, and I fell into a trance while watching two dudes talk about how we need to arm the women. CNN, you have, and always shall be, a crappy news network.

Our political boyfriend, Cory Booker, just won the primary for the NJ Senate race. Go Cory!

We thought it might be bears, but it’s ants who are going to kill us all and eat our faces.

Gun safety instructor shoots student in Ohio.

In a rousing endorsement, Pat Buchanan sides with Putin.

John Oliver has really done a bang-up job hosting The Daily Show; here he is talking to Charlie Rose about the experience.

Happy newsing, friends. Here’s a gif.

Lots of dogs jumping rope, in animated gif form

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