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Ask UfYH: Dust and Dog Hair

Q: What is your perspective on dusting? How often do you think it should be done? How long is too long to wait to dust? Thanks!

A: When you can see dust, it’s time to dust.In an ideal world, you’d have a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly dusting schedule, and you’d never sneeze, and dust would never settle on your precious belongings. In the real world, dusting is a pain in the ass, and you generally forget you have to do it until the dust is staring you in the face or blowing up your nose. I prefer to dust with the soft brush attachment of my vacuum cleaner, and I make the job much easier by not having too much crap for dust to settle on and between. Keep in mind, various factors will affect how dusty your house gets, and how long it takes to get that way, so generally, if it’s making you sneeze or cough, or you can see it, it’s time to dust.

Q: My wife and I are in an ongoing battle with dog hair. Our beagle sheds more than any dog I’ve seen. I clean and dust every Friday, vacuum as well, but the morning after cleaning, I open the blinds to find hair everywhere. It even ends up on the bathroom sink, which the dog never enters. I feel like I’m just pushing the dog hair around, or when I’m dusting it goes into the air, circulates, than lands again. How can I rid our apartment of dog hair, and get a handle on her shedding?

A: Furminator. Start with the source of the problem. The more hair you can get off the dog and get rid of in an appropriate receptacle, the less ends up as dog-hair tumbleweeds blowing around the place. I also find that, for dusting, an electrostatic cloth or a dry Swiffer are the only things that will actually hold on to the dog hair. Everything else just sort of pushes it around, and it ends up back in the air and settling on everything you own. But seriously, look into a Furminator or at least really frequent brushing over something you can shake off outside or into the trash. It makes all the difference.

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6 replies on “Ask UfYH: Dust and Dog Hair”

I second the furminator. They look scary, but our lab loves going outside to be furminated, and I swear we pull two poodles at a time out of his coat with that thing. (When he sheds his coat, it’s in big clumps of white, downy fur.) And then the birds steal all the fur for their nests, so it works out. While we still vacuum up a ton of hair, you can’t just run your hands over the carpet anymore and end up with a furball.

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