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Crowdsourcing: Women of Color in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Two weeks ago, I extolled the virtues of Mako Mori in Pacific Rim.


Look at that slice of awesome right there.

I also spoke to a general lack of visibility for women of color in certain genres of film. While television seems to be slightly more inclusive due to the sheer number of channels and offerings right now, mainstream Hollywood movies don’t seem to have that same visibility. So get your thinking caps on, and let me know in the comments who are some of your favorite women of color in fantasy and sci-fiĀ on film.

Let's all agree that Zoe Washburne bends the tv/movie distinction rule.
Let’s all agree that Zoe Washburne bends the tv/movie distinction rule.

Depending on your definition of sci-fi and fantasy, I think it’s fair to include comic book movie adaptations, so Halle Berry as Storm defenders are welcome here (though let’s be real, Angela Bassett is really the only option for Storm, ever).

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Gina Torres in every scifi/fantasy show/movie she’s done (Cleopatra 2525, Firefly/Serenity, Hercules, Xena..), all the women of color on Buffy (even Kendra and Ashanti; who knew Xander’s love interests were so diverse! Here’s lookin’ at you Inca Mummy Girl), Bai Ling was pretty dope on Angel, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield from Gargoyles and Beastmaster. Simply awesome.

Selena from 28 Days later. d’uh! Because she is the definition of a BAMF.
Nam-joo from The Host. Because bows and arrows! And Hyun-seo also from The Host because she survives so much for so long.
If I think of more I’ll add more. Sadly I can’t for right now! ;_;

Also, can I just say that I loved Gina Torres as Hel in Cleopatra 2525? I know you said no tv, but we never talk about my love for her.

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