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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

I didn’t read much last week because I was moving, but I managed to squeeze in a few of these gems from the ladyblogosphere. What did you read?

Latoya Peterson has some great thoughts about Orange is the New Black and the types of stories that get told on television. Racialicious

Bryan Goldberg raised 6.5 million dollars to start a ladyblog that he’ll call Bustle. Which is infuriating because there are ladies (like us) who ladyblog all the time but we don’t get the cash. Is it because we’re not dudes? Pandodaily

Here’s a guide we could all use: How to launch an internet protest. Rookie Mag

Brush up on your names for your lady parts. XXfactor

Eight things that were invented by women. One of them is beer. Yay, beer! Huffington Post

#SolidarityisforWhiteWomen was about a lot of things and Mikki Kendall explains them. The Guardian

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