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We’re fangirling this week because we’ll be crossposted at Everyday Feminism and Racialicious. You like us! You really like us! (We like you, too.)

Want to know what else to read? Check these out!

Everyone seems to love the portrayal of PoC on Orange is the New Black, but some people aren’t buying it. Racialicious

Maybe that hashtag should have been #solidarityisforwomenofcolor. Everyday Feminism

What’s the most sex-positive show on TV? It might be Bob’s Burgers. Salon

This was the most horrifying thing I read all week: a neighbor sent a nastygram to a mother with an autistic son. Hello Giggles

Anna Gunn talks quite frankly about the overt sexism in all the Skyler hate. New York Times

How to spot objectification in five easy steps. Refinery29

This is how you throw out the first pitch:


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