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Oh, lovely kids, rejoice! We have returned to another week of the news. Like the days that rise and fall, what happens in our world changes at the drop of a coin. Of course, it’s easy to wax poetic if you’re like me, who, in a recent attempt to indulge my sanity, has been avoiding the state of our world by binge-drinking cartoons and cat videos. Coping mechanisms, ahoy! Nonetheless, we come back to let you know what’s going on in this good world. Shall we?Bradley Manning, who was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in a military prison for leaking classified documents, issued her statement on Thursday afternoon, letting the world know that she was identifying as a woman, as Chelsea Manning. Read it here: “Subject: The Next Stage of My Life(Washington Post)

A still of Otto and Krusty from The Simpsons. Krusty is holding an armload of pills, which is understandable.
Kids, it’s that type of coverage

A U.S. soldier who gunned down 16 unarmed Afghan civilians in a nighttime rampage apologized on Thursday at a sentencing hearing to determine his fate, calling the killings “an act of cowardice.” Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, a veteran of four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, has admitted to shooting the villagers, mostly women and children, in attacks on their compounds in Kandahar province in March 2012. (Reuters)

A girl has been hospitalized after photos of her giving oral sex at an outdoor concert exploded on the Internet. The girl, who according to some reports is 17 years old, was photographed at an Eminem concert in Ireland on Saturday. In one photo, she is on her knees giving fellatio, while the man raises his arms in a sign of victory. In another, she is kissing the same man while he reaches under her skirt. In yet another, she appears to be giving oral sex to a second unidentified man. The graphic photos quickly went viral, and the girl unwittingly became the latest target of brutal cyber-bullying. (Huffington Post; Daily Mail)

The former dictator Hosni Mubarak left prison on Thursday, further walking back a revolution that has been rapidly unwinding since a military coup unseated Egypt’s first democratically-elected president in July. The former president, who had been ousted in a popular revolt in 2011, was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including embezzling funds and ordering the killing of protesters during the uprising. (Huffington Post)

The U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday that it will challenge Texas’ Voter ID law, saying it violates the Voting Rights Act, as well as the Constitution’s 14th and 15th Amendments. In a separate case, the Justice Department will also join in a challenge to the state’s GOP-drawn redistricting plans. (Washington Post)

With the bad, must come the good, and even when things are looking at their worst, we must remember that it’s always darkest before dawn. Or maybe it’s just dark where I’ve buried my head in the sand. Either way, kittens, hold on tight to one another and hope for the best.

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