Glasses, I Do Love Thee

My dad has glasses, and growing up I never really understood the stigma of glasses. I never encountered it truly, except for one episode of Arthur when Arthur the Aardvark got glasses and everyone called him “four eyes.” But I do remember when I started to need glasses. When I figured it out, I kept quiet – I didn’t want to be a dork.

My entire fourth grade year I squinted at the board – from the back of the room, too –  and whispered to my friends for what was on the board. I knew I needed glasses, considering I had heard the story a million times of how my grandmother came to realize my dad needed glasses, I knew what my problem was. However, I remained determined not to admit it. Maybe I thought the whole issue would go away?

A year later, right at the beginning of fifth grade, my dad and I were eating breakfast before school. We were running slightly late – well, he was. But he was nonplussed about the whole situation, reading his book and eating his oatmeal. Aware that he was lagging, he asked me to go check the time. We had a digital clock in our living room that couldn’t be seen from the angle I was sitting at, so I did have to get up. But I should have been able to see it from the far side of the room, and I couldn’t, not even with squinting. So, eyeing my dad as he read, I kept creeping forward, hoping I would be able to see until I was pressed up against the desk the clock stood on. Just as I was able to read the time, my dad noticed how long it was taking me to tell him the time, looked up and saw me. Immediately, “Is that how close you have to be to read the clock?”

That weekend, my dad took me to the eye doctor and the same day I got to pick out my first pairs of glasses. Very quickly, I was over whatever reasons I had for not getting glasses and instead was delighted at being able to see clearly again. I also fell in love for the first time with the idea of accessorizing.

The best part about glasses is that you get to change the way your face looks periodically. It’s fun. There are so many designs to choose from. Glasses are customizable, and they’re cheap enough, thankfully. Basically, once I put on my first pair of glasses, blue-purple frames with lenses tinted blue, I was hooked. Glasses and making them my own has actually sort of become tied to my self-esteem. I can tell now that I’m much more comfortable with myself now than I was in the middle of puberty. And most recently, I bought what may be my most favorite pair of glasses in history, which may also be my last pair, too.

Because as much as I love glasses and think they’re awesome, when I finally have the chance to get LASIK eye surgery, I will jump for it because glasses can be a pain with certain things. Lying down reading, leaning against a wall, everything blurry at the pool – all are things that make normal vision rival with all the awesomeness of glasses. So, I guess, this is a letter of love to glasses and how they’ve served to make me a more confident person with myself – people have told me I look better without glasses, and I learned to realize that I looked great both ways. Also, glasses made me able to see, and if I could go back and tell my fourth grade self to stop hiding that she needed glasses, I would, because I think she would have been a lot happier that year if she had gotten glasses.

Any other glasses lovers out there?

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Since starting wedding planning, I’ve gotten little bits of crap here and there about ‘well, of course you’ll wear contacts on your wedding day’, as if I should pretend I haven’t had glasses since the third grade. I wore contacts for about a year at the end of highschool in a misguided attempt at popularity, but they kill my eyeballs and I can’t imagine wearing them for twelve hours on a day filled with happy crying.

We had our engagement photos done this week and I rocked my glasses- my favourite pair that I’ve had for 8 years!

That is terrible! Whenever people do stuff like that to me, I use the same line I do for my makeup free face: “Do you really think I look that bad with glasses?” The answer is always no and it stops them up quick. Glasses are awesome. Congrats on rocking them and the wedding!

I adore my glasses! Most of my female co-workers seem to have dropped their glasses in favor of contacts, but I just can’t do it. Not only can I not get those things in my eye, I just like the way my face looks with glasses on it. It would be incomplete without them!

Ouch! My parents only buy them every couple of years as well. So I tend to spend a good three years with them, but I’m still just coming out of the “eyes are still growing” stage so they changed more often I think. Have you tried getting um…my dad has these…the ones that work like bifocals except they look normal and you look down for far and up for close or something like that?

Rosie-I think you’re thinking of transitionals.
Sally-have you tried Costco? I don’t know how well they do with high-need lenses like yours, but IIRC, they have a flat rate for lenses and their frames are pretty cheap. I think even when adding in the membership, a pair of glasses from Costco costs less than the lenses from my local place, and definitely less than the frames (but I totally gravitate towards the most expensive frames in the place).

I’ve done costco before, but not with much luck — they just didn’t feel right. Also, those flat-rate deals only apply to people with low-index lenses. Once you get into high-index, they usually tack on extra money. Even Zenni wanted to charge me $100 once they knew my prescription! And at that point the savings wouldn’t have mattered if I’d gotten something back that just didn’t work.

I think the magical clarity that comes with every updated prescription is enough to make most people love their glasses. I just got a couple of new pairs in the mail today, and it’s like Christmas. I’d still get corrective surgery if I could, because it sucks not to be able to see without glasses, but glasses are still fucking amazing.

When I was 9 – 10 – 11 years old I really wanted glasses. Or a braces. Both would be awesome.
This because in a class of 31 I was one of the three that didn’t have either. And heck, why didn’t I have these cool made-you-fit-in accessories?

Now I stick to different pairs of sunglasses. As you see, it can be such a difference to how your face looks.

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