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My little dumplings, the well is running dry a bit. I’m in need of article suggestions from my beloved readers.

What do you want to learn about? Is there a plant question I can assist you with?

Help me help you!

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Have a pressing question or a burning desire?

The second one sounds like a personal problem, but I can do my best if you leave a comment!

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Are there any plants that are good to use as borders to keep critters out of the garden? I love the neighborhood bunnies and woodchucks and deer, but if I ever get around to setting up a real garden instead of just containers safely out of reach on the deck, I’d rather they didn’t eat the whole thing. Or plants that repel mosquitos, if such a thing exists.

Some randomness…

1. Owning and organizing spices. Like, we have a shelf full of spices that we rarely use (cause they’re not salt), and I’m sure quite a few have gone bad, and we end up with duplicates cause we forget what we have and we don’t want to throw any out cause we might need it but they take up so much space and…yeah…

2. Having a personal rotating art collection/convincing one’s spouse to have a personal rotating art collection. Cause I like art, and there are a lot of really good local artists but we’re running low on wall space.

I have a couple of questions:
1. How do you keep cat grass alive? I buy some for my kitty because she likes munching on it, but it always ends up dying and breeding fruit flies. I water it and keep it in a sunny spot, but I inevitably have to buy new cat grass.
2. Related: what are some indoor plants that I won’t kill with my black thumb and that are also safe for cats?
3. Finally: Any advice on a teeny tiny window garden? My apartment gets amazing sunlight all day, but the window skills are pretty narrow. I’d love some thoughts on growing some plants to both cheer the place up and maybe give me some herbs for cooking.

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